The plans have taken a turn

2008 will go down in memory as the year in which everything went wonderfully right for me, yet horribly wrong for my girlfriend. Our extremes are such that despite all my successes I’m ending the year at about the same place I started it. I’m baffled by how one person can have such great luck while the other has such consistently terrible fortune, despite the fact that each tries as earnestly and works just as hard as the other.

In any case, this has been one of the best few weeks I’ve had in as long as I can remember — my first 1UP section has launched (with others, including a full-force Retronauts blog, to come soon); I’ve lost enough weight that yesterday I wore pants to work that hadn’t fit since 2005; and some other small boring things I won’t bother writing about here. Meanwhile, Cat’s sister gave her a new computer, which had a complete hard drive failure the day after she transferred all her files over to the new system; now the warranty replacement is stuck on a plane in Oakland because the airport won’t clear it to unload due to “snow delays.” (Which is weird, because Oakland is two miles away from my office and I haven’t seen a hint of snow all week.) And the work she found a few months back has shriveled up, because she was shooting homes for real estate listings, and realtors aren’t listing home when people aren’t buying. If it weren’t so infuriating, it would be comical.

So…I asked her to marry me. Hopefully the ring I gave her will make some of my good fortune rub off on her…and not the other way ’round.

Meanwhile, in other news: video games! With all the work involved with my section launch, preparing for the holiday break, and of course all the personal stuff happening, I’m going to skip updating GameSpite this weekend. I’ll make up for it somehow. Maybe by kicking off the Retronauts blog instead? Perhaps!

115 thoughts on “The plans have taken a turn

  1. That was supposed to be throwing the horns for marriage, but it didn’t like my message starting with punctuation I guess.

    Oh this is so awkward, I’m leaving now


  2. congrats on both the iphone blog and proposal! hopefully, your engagement will break this string of bad luck she’s suffered all year!

  3. I’m not even mad there won’t be new episodes of Retronauts until ’09 now. Congrats to the both of you!! Marriage and personal stuff is more important than a podcast about videogames.

  4. She… she DID say yes, right?

    I kid. Congratulations!

    Man… and one of my work friends is planning on asking his girlfriend to marry him this weekend too, I think. All this is the kind of news that makes a single guy want to stop being single.

  5. I know I don’t really know you all that well, but I’m man enough to admit that I got a little misty when I read this post. lol
    I wish you and your fiance all the best. Don’t sweat the missed weekend of updates. Everyone will understand.

  6. Congrats, dude. Hopefully, things will go well enough that your engagement will be shorter than mine (two years and counting, due mostly to financial and school issues). Either way, I hope you guys have a long and happy marriage!

  7. Holy crap, I’m away from the internet for a day and look what good news I miss. Maybe I should try that more often…


  8. Does this mean I have to stop playing the lute under your window? ‘Cause yoga classes are full at the Y and I don’t have anything else to fill up my Wednesdays.

  9. Congratulations! This is wonderful holiday news. (Oh yeah, the blog thing is pretty frickin’ sweet, too.)

  10. Cliched at this point, but: congratulations to the both of you. (I actually had to rub my eyes and read that twice to make sure I hadn’t imagined it.)

  11. Congratulations! Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

    I wish you the very best with all of my heart, as much as a stranger on the internet can.

  12. Wow! Congratulations! My best wishes to you both!

    And, in a more holiday-y sense, best wishes for the new year – I really do hope things work out for you two!

  13. Congrats on the good luck for the year and I hope it continues down the line. Wish I could claim a similar streak, though it wasn’t too bad. Reckon mine looks more like your gal’s.

  14. I’ve been reading for around 10 years now and it’s just a wonderful feeling to see ‘internet stranger’ find himself in life.

  15. This post needs 100 comments.

    Good job man. The number of times I’ve read “congratulations” here makes me feel like I beat Smash Bros. single player and it got stuck in an endless loop.

  16. Congrats Jeremy! I know there is a flurry of posts, but it’s great and you both deserve the best.

    Thank you for all the work you’ve done here and over at 1up. And I wish you and your future bride all the best in 2009.

  17. Wow! 105 comments!!?? Craziness!!

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Marriage is pretty awesome so hope you enjoy it!

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