New Game Plus: Designated downloads for 12/16/08

PSN folks didn’t get much last week — just PowerUp Forever, which also hit XBLA last week. But if you’re new to the Resistance series you’ll be glad to know that all the previous map packs for the original game are now available free of charge. And if you paid for them in the past, well. Sorry, sucker! Good things come to those who wait!

Oh, and for anyone who has Mercenaries 2: There’s some new free DLC for you, but it’s only gratis until the end of the year.

As for the rest of the DLC this week, well, see for yourself.

[[image:jh_081216_dlc01.jpg::left:0]]WiiWare: Strong Bad Episode 5: 8-Bit is Enough
Telltale Games | Wii | Adventure Quest!
The dragon-man Trogdor possesses his own arcade game and goes on the rampage in this most recent bite of the Strong Bad saga.
[[image:jh_081216_dlc02.jpg::left:0]]WiiWare: Big Kahuna Party
Steel Penny Games | Wii | Puzzle
Once again I expected great things based on the title. Finally, I thought, we’d learn through the interactive medium of video games just what transpired in Pulp Fiction in the hours before Jules and Vincent Vega violently crashed Marvin’s apartment and started shooting his roommates. Why did they choose Big Kahuna Burger? What were they planning to do next? But no — there is neither tasty burger nor tasty beverage to be found in this match-three puzzle game.
[[image:jh_081216_dlc03.jpg::left:0]]VC: Enduro Racer
Sega | Master System via Wii | Motorbike racing
I wasn’t a Master System kid so I have to judge this game by its screenshots, and by that metric it sure looks drab and lame. But given my track record with such pronouncements it’s probably actually the best racing game ever released for the SMS, or maybe for any system ever.
[[image:jh_081216_dlc04.jpg::left:0]]XBLA: Doritos Dash of Destruction
Ninja Bee | Xbox 360 | Doritos: The Advergame
In this game you play as a dinosaur chasing a Doritos truck, or the driver trying to escape the dino. Which would sound pretty cool in almost any other context! But I can’t be the only guy offended by advergames. It’s bad enough that I have to deal with bought-and-paid-for digital billboards in online games, but I can really do without entire games shilling a product from top to bottom (sorry, Yaris fans). Apparently a guy won a Doritos-sponsored contest for the chance to make this game a reality.
[[image:jh_081216_dlc05.jpg::left:0]]PSN: Crash Commando
Sony | PS3 | Shooty action
Don’t know much about this one, but from the video on Sony’s Web site it looks like a violently over-the-top side-scrolling shooter. Which, frankly, we can all use more of these days.

4 thoughts on “New Game Plus: Designated downloads for 12/16/08

  1. I think you’re right about “Enduro Racer” this time. I preferred the packed-in “Hang On” when it came to motor cycle racing. Although, in the arcade “Enduro Racer” had cool handle bars which you could pull back on to pop a wheelie. But then “Hang On” had an actual bike that you had to lean to steer; it wins again. But the best racing game for the SMS (and the arcade at the time) was of course “Out Run”.

  2. Pretty sure you’ve got a shot of the arcade Enduro Racer there. The SMS version – if I remember right – was an isometric affair.

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