Almost a success testimonial

Nintendo would be happy to know that I am a Wii Fit success testimonial. Since the game launched, I’ve dropped probably 15-20 pounds and lost nearly two inches around my waist. At this rate, I’ll be back to the point of feeling pretty OK with my appearance and fitness level in no time at all. Well done, Nintendo.

Admittedly, they’d be a lot less happy to learn that I’ve never used Wii Fit beyond trade show demos. I don’t own the game (“game”) and doubt I ever will.

Still, I do credit it with my weight loss efforts. I thought long and hard about picking up Wii Fit back at launch before realizing it would turn out to be another empty half-effort toward slimming up. And hey, I thought, why drop $90 on a plastic board when I have a disused exercise bike that I can start using for free? An exercise bike that will actually provide aerobic exercise to help me burn fat? And so I began a long-term routine of nightly 40-minute workouts. So far, it’s been a great success.

That would make a great slogan for the game, really. “Wii Fit: Inspiring people to seek out real fitness solutions.” Man, Nintendo should pay me for this stuff.

Book update: I’ve just learned that the printer won’t actually be shipping the books to me until the day after Christmas. Sorry, everyone; I think the size of the order combined with the time of year did us in. Also, just to restate: the first printing of the books is completely sold out or spoken for; any copies ordered as of a few days ago probably won’t show up until February or so.

12 thoughts on “Almost a success testimonial

  1. If you really want to start seeing results you should combine your cardio with some strength training. Not only will you get manly muscles, but your metabolism will speed up to support the new muscle tissue.

  2. But I don’t want muscle mass. I just want to be slimmer and have better cardio and respiratory fitness.

  3. Didn’t Nintendo claim it wasn’t a true fitness solution, but instead was supposed to promote “body awareness” or something?

    @mrbuu82 In a previous post I believe parish said that the softcovers will be printed on an “as ordered” basis after the initial run, hence why the link to purchase the book is still available at the top of the sidebar. So you can still order, but you will have to wait a couple months (assuming I’m also understanding everything correctly.)

  4. I was pretty sure he had mentioned it elsewhere, but I wasn’t certain of the duration that the book would be available. Thanks, Josh.

  5. Adding muscle mass can help make you slimmer. The more muscle mass you have, the easier it is to lose fat because you have a higher rest metabolism. Strength training also helps to make bones denser, which matters as we get older.

    If you’re worried about getting “big,” don’t be. That’s like worrying about becoming a nuclear physicist because you read The Elegant Universe. Plus, if you ever decide you have too much muscle mass, getting rid of it is easy: do nothing.

  6. I think Parish should consider adding mass. It’s about time video game journalists got their token absurdly overmuscled personality a la Andrew Dice Clay.

  7. What Kupek said. You don’t have to get massive if you don’t want to be. You can get slim and get some muscle definition, though. Drives the ladies wiiiiiiiiiiiiild.

  8. Congratulations on your accomplishment. It is good to get into good habits before you get too old and everything falls apart. This last year I lost 30 lbs, mostly by eating grilled chicken instead of beef. I was very cranky for a while.

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