We’re not done talking about Dragon Quest just yet

Do you know why Dragon Quest V is awesome? Yes, yes, it’s got heart and all that stuff. But more importantly, because my combat roster now includes a Slime.

Slimy boxers shorts

A Slime wearing boxer shorts as armor.

Even better: since scanning this picture, she’s also donned a top hat as a helmet.

21 thoughts on “We’re not done talking about Dragon Quest just yet

  1. Man, I had forgotten how awesome recruiting monsters was in DQV. I can’t wait to do it again. (And then play VI and enter a contestant in the Slime Arena!)

  2. @LilSpriteX: There are YouTube videos of people defeating the optional bonus boss with a party of Level 99 slimes.

  3. That’s not と, it’s just a reflection. Sheesh.

    Also, I’m assuming my Slime is female ’cause its name is Gootrude. Seems feminine. Kind of.

  4. It really needs to be said that DQ slimes, quite possibly, are the single best character design ever. Something about them just seems to feel everyone with pure joy. Especially when they’re on your party.

    Also, it strikes me as rather odd that, to the best of my knowledge, no Dragon Quest/Hershey’s Kiss cross-promotion has ever occurred. Heck, you wouldn’t even have to make the wrappers blue! Just add the face and tada, Metal Slime!

  5. Suddenly I’m possessed by the thought that assuming you can recruit multiple sub-species of slimes, you could totally recreate a party from Rocket Slime.

    This may well end up being my first real Dragon Quest game ever. I’m pretty intrigued.

  6. Yeah, I have a Cureslime and a Slime Knight in the crew as well. Supposedly you can recruit some of the rarer variants like King Slimes, but I imagine those are hard to come by.

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