Nerd rage of the heavenly bride

Square sent along a preview ROM of the English version of Dragon Quest V a couple of days ago. This is very exciting! It’s the first legitimate English version of one of Japan’s most revered games ever, so of course it’s interesting to see how it shapes up. But I have to admit my love of schadenfreude is most excited about seeing the inevitable meltdown that’ll result from some of the more unexpected localization choices. People do take their video game character names awfully seriously these days.

21 thoughts on “Nerd rage of the heavenly bride

  1. Forgive my language, but: GODDAMN, that looks fucking awesome. I loved the hell out of the fan translation, and I am absolutely sure that I will love the hell out of this one at least as much. Those portraits are great; I can’t wait to get a look at some of the main characters. GIVE GIVE GIVE.

  2. lol, Smaugan… I know it’s supposed to evoke Smaug from Lord of the Rings, but I can’t help thinking of Smogon, the ultra hardcore Pokemon competitive battling site.

  3. noooooooooooo!

    Just kidding. I think I can deal with Sancho, Smaugan, and Brontes. Just as long as Brontes is named for the monster/thunder and not one of the three Victorian novelist sisters.

  4. I’ve never played Dragon Quest V (or any DQ for that matter), but I have taken an entire college class on Don Quixote, and I’m pretty sure its impossible for Sancho to be level 55, or to be on a quest on his own for that matter.

  5. heya parish, i got the gamespite bonus content today, but i think the pin destroyed the magnet.

  6. Well those screenshots look really nice. I really enjoyed DQIV, and I will probably pick this one up as well. The simplistic nature of the Dragon Quest gameplay makes for an excellent overall portable experience (also looking forward to playing DQIX on DS).

    So in addition to the monsters, how many characters are there in DQV and does it have the same experience system as DQIV? (in other words do characters still gain XP most of the time even if not in your active party?)

  7. Its more Dragon Quest so I am looking forward to it. Never bothered with the fan translations, but I never really did that scene to begin with. Outside of Super Robot Wars 3. Because the odds of getting the official games in that series ever are in the NEVER category.

    Don’t really care what their names are. Japan names things silly. Translation is never a perfect science. As long as it doesn’t sound ridiculous I won’t mind.

  8. Dragon Quest five is one of my favourite games, and I can’t for the life of me remember a fat mustachioed guy having been in it. Who the heck is that?

  9. Hmm. I’ve never actually played a Dragon Quest before (except a bit of the first one, which I hated), so would this be a good place to start? Now that I have a DS, I’m all about trying these kinds of games.

  10. Just as long as there are no egregious changes like the cross-talk removal from the English DQ4, I’m good.

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