Took me long enough

Subscriber bonus mailing went in the post yesterday to everyone except international recipients (’cause my stamps don’t work internationally) and people who hadn’t given me their mailing addresses yet. I believe that it was roughly six weeks behind schedule. As someone who’s obsessively punctual, this has been keeping me awake at nights.

I’ve really got to start balancing the responsibilities I take on before my brain explodes.

Anyway, so what was in this particular care package, you might wonder? Nothing terribly exciting:

    A “NEW GAMES JOURNALIST” button (all the pretentious indie kids will be wearing one!);

  • A couple of sprite magnets that need to be trimmed around the edges;
  • and a mini-booklet featuring The Young Person’s Guide To Mario A-L and a short story.

Be warned; it’s been a long time since I’ve tried writing fiction, and despite constant revisions this effort is pretty lousy. I’ll do better next time. Honest! It’s gonna be great. Or great-ish, anyway.

4 thoughts on “Took me long enough

  1. It sounds great. I seriously can’t wait. Now I will be up nights waiting for this to arrive.

  2. You should hire an assistant. I know money’s tight right now, but why not trick some poor college student into being a “games journalist intern” and working for free?

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