The retro media endeavor

I’ve placed all the text in the book and am now in the process of formatting it. Looks like I was mistaken about the length — it’s going to be 350 pages, not 250. That means the price will probably end up costing $25 as a result, rather than $20. But look at it this way: you’ll be getting 40% more content for 25% more money. For once, I guess math is on my side.

There’s something weirdly fulfilling about approaching digital media in exactly the opposite direction that everyone else is going. Or maybe I’m just stuck on the old-fashioned ways. Nah, that can’t be it.

Anyway, I promise to start writing about more interesting things soon. I’m just having a short, intense obsession here, that’s all.

12 thoughts on “The retro media endeavor

  1. Looking at the title, I thought we’d see some confirmation of some old school content. But hey! I’m not complaining about the more favorable price/content ratio.

  2. Probably a bit early to ask, but around when do you expect pre orders to open up? Is this something you hope to have out by the holidays?

  3. I get short, intense obsessions all the time. I wish mine were half as productive as this one seems to be.

  4. Details forthcoming. I won’t take anyone’s money until I have at least a sample book in hand, but I hope to be mailing these out by mid-December.

  5. -I won’t take anyone’s money until I have at least a sample book in hand, –

    Good policy.

    I look forward to buying it :)

  6. I’m really excited about these books. The site is great, but having physical copies of the articles? Awesome. Can’t wait.

  7. Oh, I dunno, I think for the generation that has grown up with digital media, actual printed matter means a bit more. Maybe a little “everything old is new again”, maybe a little bit that data can be both eternal and ephemeral (hard drive crash!), and a book requires more effort to make happen (although not as much these days). So while everyone else is amazed at ebooks, the new trend is killing tree again!

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