City on the edge of DRM

This week on GameSpite: William Shatner goes toupee hunting.

For some reason, I’ve never really make the connection before today that, hey, iPhones play video, too. I mean, I knew, but I’ve never really bothered with that particular feature. So then I checked the iTunes Store and realized I can buy the dozen or so genuinely great episodes of Star Trek for half the price of a single-season box set. And all without the shame of owning “Spock’s Brain.” Nice.

Speaking of iPod-type things, I finally got so frustrated with my recently-purchased iPod nano’s irritating interface flaws that I sold it. And, of course, a couple of days after putting it up for sale, Apple released an update that fixed all the problems. I guess that’s what I get for being so cocky about my amazing game announcement super-powers. Humility: it’s what’s for dinner.

17 thoughts on “City on the edge of DRM

  1. Just out of curiosity, what were the issues? No touch screen enabled when doing the sideview of albums? Yeah, that would bother me, too.

    I have long wanted an external volume control for my iPod touch, and lo and behold, the very next iteration has it. Curses.

  2. My roommate was watching “Spock’s Brain” just the other day. At least I assume there’s only one episode that deals with Spock’s brain to the extent that it’s entitled “Spock’s Brain”.

    The only Star Trek episode I’ve ever seen in its entirety remains the one in Voyager where Jason Alexander shows up.

  3. Screw you mang, my computer broke and I had to send it back to HP for repairs. I’m commenting on the lam at work.

  4. Burns: Smithers, who is that poster on the series of tubes there?
    Smithers: That’s — Johnny Driggs, sir, one of your minions from sector 7-G.
    Burns: … Driggs, eh?

  5. I love the 2nd-gen nano, but I can never get it to shuffle just one playlist, Only the entire library. When I play cards with my friends, they get upset when it plays 5 ELO songs in a row.

  6. In a lovely coincidence, I just checked my “TiVo Suggestions” folder to discover that the machine had recorded “Spock’s Brain” for me, quite unbidden. I think I’ll go watch it just to be contrary.

  7. Sorry, it is so. If by “it” you mean “Kotaku putting a shrill alarmist spin on an out-of-context remark they heard second-hand.” Totally shocking, I know.

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