New Game Plus: Designated downloads for 11/18/08

Pretty slim pickings this week, unless you’re a Strong Bad fan. Or really like throwing bean bags or ports of arcade games. And if you have a PS3 and want Age of Booty, you can totally get it now. Ah, and there’s one neat-looking new thing, but if you want to know more about this rare gem you’ll need to read on….

[[image:jh_081118_dlc01.jpg::left:0]]WiiWare: Target Toss Pro: Bags
Incredible Technologies | Wii | Not Worth Your Money: The Game
At with this, we are officially scraping the bottom of the game idea barrel. To get the same experience, just buy a couple bean bags and toss them for real. Then, after you get sick of them in half an hour or so, you can throw them in the garbage instead of stomping on your Wii.
[[image:jh_081118_dlc02.jpg::left:0]]WiiWare: Strong Bad Episode 4: Dangeresque 3
Telltale Games | Wii | Additional Strong Baddery
More Strong Badicles mean more iron! Or something. Whatever. You already know if you want this or not, and you know all about the price differential because I’ve bitched about it twice. Three times now, I guess.
[[image:jh_081118_dlc03.jpg::left:0]]VC: Space Invaders: The Original Game
Taito | SNES via Wii | Invaders of Outer Space
You could pay $8 for this port of the arcade game, sure. Or you could pick up the super awesome Space Invaders Extreme for the DS or PSP for about $20, which features the same core gameplay but in a much more interesting way. Or you could wait for the U.S. release of Space Invaders Get Even. Or…well, you have a lot of options, many of which seem a better use of your money than this. What’s it gonna be?
[[image:jh_081118_dlc04.jpg::left:0]]VC: Forgotten Worlds
Sega | Genesis via Wii | Scrolling shooter
In this arcade port you’re a musclebound dude who can fly and shoot in the 16-bit equivalent of 360 degrees as each stage scrolls by. One has a dragon at the end that tries to hit you with its exposed ribs. It’s kind of weird, and not very good. [Editor’s note: Sarcasmorator is so wrong about this it throws his judgment about all games into question.]
[[image:jh_081118_dlc05.jpg::left:0]]XBLA: A Kingdom for Keflings
Ninja Bee | Xbox 360 | Strategy sim-lite
In this one you’re a giant who employs tiny Keflings to build cities. Well, enslaves, more like. You can give them long-term jobs like miner, scholar and so on. It looks a bit strange — like the Xbox 360’s answer to My Life as a King, maybe — but also like it’s worth a demo download.

14 thoughts on “New Game Plus: Designated downloads for 11/18/08

  1. The editor is correct. Forgotten Worlds is an awesome game. Never played the Genesis version though…

  2. Yeah, the arcade version of Forgotten Worlds hit that special level of awesome that can be safely described as “Super Awesome”. Speaking against it is how many psychologists and psychiatrists determine whetehr or not one is mentally fit to stand trial!

    Not so much the Genesis version, though. It’s version of 360-degree firing was more of a rotation of your gun in a clockwise or counterclockwise fashion, which is not quite the same.

  3. I really liked Forgotten Worlds when I was 12 and had the Amiga version, but I played it in a Sega compilation a year ago and it wasn’t good anymore! But it was on the PSP, so maybe that made a difference?

    I will give it another try.

  4. I can’t believe you pulled the whole “bait-n-hook” to get more clicks on this thing. I mean, I knew Parish always admired Kotaku, but c’mon.

  5. Keflings sounds like a goofier version of The Settlers.

    But, then, since even the people in charge of that franchise hasn’t been able to put out a good game in a decade, I have no confidence that a random XBLA dev will.

  6. Forgotten Worlds reeks of sheer awesome. The Genesis version isn’t brilliant (not having a rotatable or second joystick will do that), but it’s still decent. Of course, the totally awesome arcade version is on Capcom Classics Vol. 1, which is out on two systems that have second joysticks. Also, the Q hinted at a remake in this month’s EGM, which I can only hope turns out to be true, because while Omega V was a decent facsimile, it’s not the same.

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