Print isn’t dead…is it?

It’s super late, but the first GameSpite bonus package is just about ready to go in the mail. The mini-magazine is printed and ready for photocopying, the magnets are complete, and the buttons are printing as I type. Everything should be in the post by the end of the week. That’s good! I also have a pretty clear idea of what do for the next batch, which will go out on schedule — which is to say at the end of next month. So that’s also good. But I’m also thinking ahead to another possible project:

I’m thinking of compiling existing GameSpite articles into a few books (with the usual “couple of extra original pieces as incentive” thing going for them); in fact, I spent a good part of the day planning out a possible first book. So I put a question to you, the readers of this site: would you pay $20 for a 250-page omnibus of GameSpite content? I’m not taking orders right now, just gauging interest. I’d need to sell about 60 of these to break even. Interested? Please comment below.

Edit: Um, so I guess that’s a “yes.” I’ll be working on this over Thanksgiving break, since my girlfriend has to attend to family obligations on the east coast that weekend and I’ll have nothing better to do with my time. If all goes according to plan — and it never does! — these will be ready in time for Christmas. You know, being the perfect gift for the nerd in your life. Yeah.

78 thoughts on “Print isn’t dead…is it?

  1. Pardon my ignorance, but will said issue include only reviews, or also special features and such?

  2. I’d pay $20 for a book like that, as long as postage to the UK doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

  3. It’d be great to have your work in a portable format I can read at my bedstand. Probably wouldn’t buy it as per normal, but I’d put it on my Christmas list

  4. I’d be down, provided it actually happens (I paid for a subscription to your physical ‘zine a few years ago and it never seemed to materialize… not that I regret making the donation, mind you).

  5. I really like the articles on this site, so it would be cool to have something tangible to take with me when I’m not online

  6. If I had income I totally would. Right now I’d do like Tohoya and put it on a birthday or Christmas wish list.

  7. For $20? Definitely. This site is easily the best games writing that I’ve found online, and I’d love to have a 250+ pg. coffee-table book from you.

    I’m in.

  8. I wouldn’t actually take orders for this until it was complete and ready to mail out. That’s why I’m concerned about breaking even — I’d be dropping about a thousand dollars up front to have everything printed.

  9. Yes, I would. This would be the closest thing yet to an game writing analogue to Da Capo’s “Best Music Writing” series, which is something I’ve wanted to see for a long time.

  10. Hell yeah, I would buy this. So come, open your mouth and show us the inky, star-filled expanse of the universe, just as Krishna would!

  11. Absolutely. I’ve spent a fair amount of time wandering through the site, and I’d much rather read it on the page than the screen.

  12. Sounds like you already feel pretty confident about breaking even, but count me in, too. The cover shot you put up is worth at least half of the admission price!

  13. I’ll happily pay, the writing on this site is always top class, it would be great to have it in book form to proudly sit on my coffee table for easy reference! Count me in Mr. Parish!

  14. Also just a lurker, but I’d part with twenty bucks in a heartbeat. Hell, to cover the cost, I’d go 25

  15. I would hate to see you have to eat cost on this stuff. I’m sure it goes against your better nature, but please do consider taking pre-orders, just to make sure you don’t screw yourself over? I do think it’s a fine idea, though.

  16. You already have enough yes-es, but I’ll throw mine in as well. Yes! $20 seems like a very fair price for a 250 page small print run book. Count on my preorder come preorder time.

  17. As a gauge of interest, if even 2/3 of the ~60 responders to this thread purchase at $25, you make some money. Frankly I think you could sell out your print run before Christmas. I’ll probably buy more than one copy as well.

  18. I was thinking to include some permanently retired stuff, like “worst game companies ever.” It will depend on space, although 250 pages of 10-point type is a lot of words.

  19. ‘I was thinking to include some permanently retired stuff, like “worst game companies ever.” It will depend on space, although 250 pages of 10-point type is a lot of words.’ Hmm… That sounds interesting. Depending on what all is in the book I might be interested in a purchase.

  20. Sign me up for the first copy.

    Jeremy…why not take pre-orders once you’re certain the book will be printed (i.e. when the content is completely finished and laid out) but before you have to spend the money to actually print it? That way you won’t have to front the money yourself and you’ll have a good idea as to exactly how many copies you need to print up (minimizes waste). Just a suggestion.

  21. Not only will I buy one, I’m holding out hope for a special collector’s edition that includes a figurine of you holding a Gears of War Lancer.

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