GameSpite Issue 11.1: Made of love

That’s right, Gollum! This issue is made of love. A startling counterpoint to our previous issue, which was made almost entirely of spite. We make no pretense of fairness around here, but we do at least offer lip service to the world of balance.

Wario Land 3
Up until about two years ago, you could be certain that if a game sported the name “Wario” in the title, it was guaranteed to be a fresh and interesting experience — never mind the fact that it was based around a flatulent, obese parody of Mario. That’s not so much the case anymore! But let us not find discouragement in these dark ages, but instead look back to a brighter time.
Valkyrie Profile
Can you believe that an author who goes under the handle “Cynical Valkyrie” loves Valkyrie Profile? Shocking but true! Please note that this is about the original title in the series, not the more recent PS2 title, whose quality we cannot possibly hope to vouch for.

16 thoughts on “GameSpite Issue 11.1: Made of love

  1. While I agree with how fun Valkyrie Profile is, I have to seriously disagree about the voice-acting. It was quite painful, and I’d even go so far as to say it was worse than Castlevania: SOTN. I had to mute my TV whenever they would start talking. >.

  2. I really wanted to pick up Valkyrie Profile when it came out, but was a bit limited in funds at the time, and ended up picking up another game whose (it completely eludes me as to which one it was). Of course, we all know that I never did get a copy, since they disappeared so quickly. Still haven’t gotten to play the damn thing.

  3. Ah, at last. I was wondering when the next issue would hit. I take it that the Spite Issue is hereby closed and done?

  4. Ah, Valkyrie Profile! I bought it as soon as I could, returned it for a refund to help pay for car repairs, then bought it a second time months later. I think that’s the only game I ever did that with.

  5. Honestly, the biggest liberty VP took with its source material that I found somewhat questionable was in how the various characters died. Traditionally, a valkyrie is supposed to only take people who died in battle, which would leave quite a few people out in the cold. I suppose it can partially be rationalized as an emergency recruitment drive though.

  6. My biggest problem with VP is that it killed the replay value with that hour long, incredibly talky intro. I want to replay it on Hard and get the A ending, but every time I think of trying I remember the intro and move on to something else.

    And there’s the extra problem that it’s pretty much impossible to get the A ending without a guide or prior knowledge…

  7. I still have yet to finish VP after all these years. I am such a procrastinator.

    And while I won’t disagree about Wario Land 3’s masterful design, I will argue that it didn’t have much replay value, due to the real lack of danger, which outside of completing the puzzles, negated the need for skill in the game.

  8. For those interested, don’t forget that there was a Valkyrie Profile port for the PSP. Last I checked it was getting pretty hard to find, but it should still be easier than getting the original PS1 version.

  9. There were still a couple really good voices at the very least. Particularly Lenneth herself.

    I have a feeling the PSP port wasn’t brought up because of the issues it had.

  10. “…the more recent PS2 title, whose quality we cannot possibly hope to vouch for.”

    What a coincidence! I love that game.

  11. Re: Wario Land 3
    While I personally don’t agree with the insinuation that Shake It! is “dreck” (though far from perfect and genre-defining, it’s an enjoyable game), I agree that Wario Land 3 is one of the best platformers I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. I remember I got it the summer of 2000, just before a family trip to visit relatives in New England. I played through the entire game in those two weeks, and due to the fact that practically none of my relatives were internet savvy at the time, I had to clear it without GameFAQs or a walkthrough, making it one of the few games I managed to finish completely without any help from a guide or hints.

    Ah, good times…

  12. Bless you Kat for the Valkyrie Profile entry. That game has a special place in my heart because it was the First Game I bought with the First Paycheck I got from my First Job back in 2000. I never finished it, but my best friend did…I never finished the sequel either because the last boss is a fucking pain in the ass.

  13. Great read, Kat. Valkyrie Profile will always be my number 1 RPG for the good old PS. Good times indeed…….. I just loved Mystina’s snippy comments throughout the game.

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