Hallow and welcome

Today is Halloween, and many of you will be making the most of the all-hallowed evening at costumed social gatherings. Others, adult life being what it is, have to work tonight. And the rest of you might be planning to spend the night in like any other, keeping to yourself as you please. You might even be thinking of turning out the front lights, thinking, “Man, eff trick-or-treaters” — that you just can’t be bothered distributing candy to children (our future).

That being the case, I would advise you to quickly download this old episode of the dearly departed GFW Radio, skip to 5:23, and listen to what Jeff Green has to say to you.

[[image:nn_081031_green_01.jpg:Don’t even trip.:center:0]]
Jeff and I trust you’ll do the right thing.

3 thoughts on “Hallow and welcome

  1. Oh snap I was listening to this very episode not half an hour ago.

    However I reserve the right to deny candy to any child who thinks a simple mask is acceptable. I say two items or more is required to glean treats from my treat bucket.

  2. My rule for barely-costumed trick-or-treaters is that they have to at least make up a semi-plausible explenation for what the heck they’re supposed to be dressed as. It occasionally results in some amusing floundering.

  3. Gosh darn it! I go for the podcast and I was so transfixed that I listened to the whole thing. I do so love those random GFW podcasts.

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