Those of you playing Dead Space…

Do the main enemies…remind you of anything? Perhaps, while wandering through the darkened hallways of an abandoned space ship, you suddenly have the urge to buy a used car, or perhaps suspect some sort of major savings are to be had?

Here’s a big hint:

[[image: ar_102208_deadspace_01.jpg:Not so scary anymore.:center:0]]

4 thoughts on “Those of you playing Dead Space…

  1. I’m not playing Dead Space, but I’ve seen the commercial several times now, and it always kills me when the monster sneaks up on the hero and is very clearly shaking what its mama gave it.

  2. I’m actually finding the enemies more of an annoyance than anything else. Kind of like: “Crap, I’m entering a new area so I’m sure there will be a handful of enemies that I need to kill before I can move forward.” But I like the game a lot!

  3. I only got to try out a friend’s copy for 20 minutes the other day, but yeah, that image is all I could htink of when I saw the enemies.

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