Lethargic like the wolf

What’s this? An envelope from Capcom? Why, it’s probably just my well-deserved invitation to their…

Oh. It’s those free replacement covers for Okami they were offering a while ago after that IGN watermark boondoggle. That’s nice, I guess. And they included two double-sided covers instead of just the one I ordered. Rather thoughtful.

Wait a second, when did I order these? Kotaku says the promotion started April 23…I’ll spot myself two days…that’s 180 days…Google Maps says I’m about 380 miles from Capcom…carry the four…and it comes out to roughly 0.08796 miles per hour on average. I believe that’s what The Oregon Trail qualified as a “leisurely pace.”

Seriously though, it’s not like I could complain. Truth be told, I didn’t even buy Okami for the Wii, so I sorta fleeced Capcom out of a couple of free DVD covers. With this and one of those one-cent Activision white DVD cases, I’ll have the prettiest Wii Sports case at the ball! Plus, this is way quicker than the free FLCL T-shirt I got that took thirteen months to arrive.

9 thoughts on “Lethargic like the wolf

  1. Well, it was a free FLCL T-shirt…I wouldn’t have card if it took 13 years to get there, that’s awesome.

  2. As much as I’m a huge Capcom fan, there really isn’t an excuse for tardiness this extreme, especially since most gamers I know have sold their copy of Okami by now.

    Also unforgivable: the fighting in Okami. It’s god-awful and tedious and game-ruining… but that’s another story.

  3. I’ll admit, mine came in the mail a few days ago, and I didn’t really buy Okami for Wii either. But now that these covers are here, I suddenly really want to pick it up, if only to see it in a pretty new cover. Maybe Capcom actually knows what they’re doing with this whole not-checking-if-you-actually-own-it thing…

  4. I know why it took so long. The cover caught dysentery on its slow trip to your house.

    It also could not ford the river.

  5. From the Sun-Goddesses you shot, you got 280 pounds of meat. However, you were only able to carry 150 pounds back to the wagon.

  6. Ha. I’m glad I’m not the only one who ordered these without even buying the game.

    They’re nice covers, though.

  7. Yeah… Driggs, I sort of did the exact same thing. As did a bunch of you, apparently.

    Now my PS2 copy is beeeeyooooooteeful!!

  8. I don’t feel too bad since I bought the PS2 version, but these are sweet looking covers. Thanks Capcom. BTW, I’m still mad at you for charging $75 for SFII on snes.

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