Live from Tokyo

We managed not to crash yesterday, although I was wrong about the timing; due to mechanical issues, my flight was delayed about three hours. So I guess if I had been right about the timing, we also would have crashed and burned. I suppose this was the better compromise, in the end.

This is normally where I’d be flooding the site and my Flickr account with photos, but this being my fourth trip to Tokyo in about a year’s time I rather suspect I’m going to be hard-pressed to find much new to photograph. I won’t really have time to range far afield from the usual haunts — Shibuya, the stultifyingly dull Chiba, the usual side excursions to nerd shops — but I do intend to film the first season of Bonus Stage while we’re here. So I guess that’s something to look forward to several months down the road, yes?

Anyway, on with the celebration of consumerism. Strike now before the credit market implodes the rest of the way and we’re forced to eat our own young to survive. Sadly, not having any young myself, I don’t imagine I’ll be around much longer. It’s been real, everyone.

Add to Queue | Weekly DVD Releases
There are a few decent new releases this week, but the most important thing is the restored, high-definition version of Sleeping Beauty. Simply put, the movie is the best thing classic Disney ever created, a real masterpiece, and its angular modern (in the Modern Art sense of the word) visual style should hold up wonderfully to hi-resolution scrutiny. Be excited.
New Game + | Weekly Game Releases
This is one of those weeks where the games industry has conspired to make its releases (both in the U.S. and abroad) as boring as possible so that we’d get all excited about the stuff they’re showing at TGS. On the other hand, I’ve heard the developers behind Etrian Odyssey have somehow sewn a silk purse of the sow’s ear that is Legend of Kage, so that’s something.

10 thoughts on “Live from Tokyo

  1. Finally, an excuse to eat my own young.

    And now, with Parish out of the way, I can corner the market on pictures of Japan myself. Shame I didn’t bring my camera tonight.

    Oh well. Tomorrow is another day (to devour the young).

  2. Sleeping Beauty’s good, but Pinoccio is Disney’s best (note: that’s a different statement from “it’s my favorite”).

  3. You Don’t Mess with the Zohan really isn’t that bad if you, y’know, watch it. I had low expectations for it, but I found it was pretty good after being forced to watch it. You’ve got some good laughs up until the end – and I mean to say that the end was fairly weak. Otherwise, it’s not quite Sandler’s worst movie.

  4. has Adam Sandler made a movie that isn’t “Worst”?

    7th Voyage of Sinbad on Blu-ray! So Sexy!

  5. Happy Gilmore. Not a great film by any stretch, but at least acceptable on a cult basis.

  6. He didn’t make it, but Punch Drunk Love is a great movie that has him doing basically the exact same character he’s always done. It’s sort of a deconstruction of that character, if anything.

  7. I assume the intended comparison was that Shining Force was like a much easier Fire Emblem. Much much much easier. The AI likes to clump up monsters and have them wait until they can all run in and attack someone at once, for a guarenteed kill. In practice though, it’s more like “Oh no! A mage is approaching with a + shaped damage spell! Quick everyone, we’ll keep eachother safe by standing in a big plus shape!”

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