Crasser than thou

Kishi, I’ll see your assault on Bulma’s dignity and raise you one:

Look carefully and you’ll notice that an odd little cat-thing is getting an eyeful. Toriyama really is a dirty old man.

12 thoughts on “Crasser than thou

  1. This one is all your mind–everyone knows that Puar is gay (hetero? If it’s a girl) for Yamcha

    …unless it’s really excited aout being able to use those visuals as a reference shapeshift into a more accurate version of Bulma for Yamcha’s “benefit”….

    …Sometimes I wonder what I would’ve turned out like if there was no Japan…

  2. I dunno, the dual-screen thing seems worse. Certainly I’ll never look at the microphone hole the same way.

  3. Puar is a girl.

    Unless Oolong is pretending to be Puar and Puar is pretending to be Oolong.

    I’m secretly not ashamed to love Dragon Ball.

  4. Puar actually looks pretty horrified. He is a cat type thing. I am sure if bulma was another cat type thing he would be happy as hell to see her kitty.

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