Where the buffalo loam

The title of this post has nothing to do with its contents, but dang if the notion of “loam” as a verb (especially one engaged in by the majestic buffalo!) amuses me to no end, possibly because it involves tilling the end of time. Also, because I am a simpleton. Eh, go listen to a podcast if you want to hear me trying to be smart. Smart-ish.

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I still can’t believe how much I enjoyed Iron Man. I think it helped that the usher at the theatre I saw it at had this infection geek-out enthusiasm for the movie and insisted on making certain we stuck around for the Nick Fury cameo. Also, Robert Downey Jr. may be the first-ever actor typecast as his superhero counterpart: a wealthy, handsome, famous substance abuser.
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Well, it’s about five, six weeks until the next awesome games come out (Mirror’s Edge and Valkyria Chronicles), which means about a month and a half for savoring the delectable delicacy that is Mega Man 9. I guess the industry will continue releasing stuff until then, but of course we all know it’s simply out of a sense of obligation to their shareholders.

8 thoughts on “Where the buffalo loam

  1. Ouch, no game of the week despite Silent Hill Homecoming and Wipeout HD. You sir are hard to please!

    That’s probably a good thing when talking about games.

  2. (Should’ve just mentioned the games in question instead of linking to their Wikipedia pages, so: Fallout 3, Midnight Club: Los Angeles and Little Big Planet, respectively.)

  3. Er, wait, my first comment disappeared. Uh:
    Well, it’s about five, six weeks until the next awesome games come out
    Try four (Fallout 3). Three if you like flashy arcade racers (MC:LA) or own a PS3 (LBP).

  4. You know, I just recently learned that Home on the Range is the state song of Kansas. What would loaming be, though? Rotting, as in becoming loam? Because there were certainly enough bison killed around here for that to be the case. Incidentally, the official state soil of Kansas is a type of loam. It seems you ended up making a kind of sense on accident.

    Just give me a spot, where the bison do rot
    Where the deer skit and total my car
    Where seldom is seen a progressive perseen
    And the broadband is too dearly priced

  5. I just want to say that the director’s cut of DareDevil is WAY better than the original, and worth a watch.

  6. Dark Knight is a good movie. maybe even a great one. But it’s not a superhero movie. There’s nothing super or heroic about batman. he’s a dark, angsty motherfucker who has a twisted sense of justice. Iron Man, though, is a bonafide superhero. His movie is what all good super hero comics should be- bombastic, exicitng and full of clear good and evil. I liked Dark Knight a lot, but when i want to see a comic book movie, it’s not gonna be the first thing i grab.

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