Hide the woman and children (but mostly the children)

Sure, the ECNIRP-mobile was charming in an “only in San Francisco” kind of way, but it seems not all the passenger vehicles in these here parts are quite so innocuous. I passed the car below the other day as I was walking to the convenience store and had to do a double-take to confirm that it was, indeed, emblazoned with a bumper sticker of Pedobear eerily on the lookout for childflesh upon which to prey.

Alarming! I just wish I’d been alert enough to write down the address where I saw this car. I’d love to check it against the sex offender database.

18 thoughts on “Hide the woman and children (but mostly the children)

  1. For some reason I’m getting the idea that there would be a negative correlation between actual pedophiles and those who would willingly associate themselves with a cartoon bear pedophile. But it would be an interesting experiment!

  2. Oh God…I laughing.

    I’m not sure if being on a Prius enhances the sticker’s effect or not, but I’m intensely curious about the sick son-of-a-bitch driving it.

  3. Yeah, what’s up with those eyes, anyway? He looks like a Family Guy character (and I’m sure that if that Pedobear HASN’T been covered on that show, he will be shortly).

  4. Dude, don’t be associatin’ Domokun with Pedobear. Domokun is awesome. In a TV-centric consumerist kind of way, but still. Not his fault he got involved with stupid internet masturbation memes over here.

  5. Where does that character come from? I mean, I’m aware of the 4chan meme (sadly), but I wonder what pedobear was originally? Actually if it’s from Japan they may not have had to change much…

  6. I’ve always been curious about the original origins of Pedobear as well. What I know is that he’s from Japan and that’s about it. In any case, running bear likes to run.

  7. I say we should collaborate and do an internet-wide research project on the subject. But then again, the thought of going into 4chan to look up the original post gives me a headache.

  8. From the 4chan Wiki (yes, that exists):

    “Originally ‘Kuma’ from 2ch, who is not a pedophile at all, is a nature lover, and supposedly hates Ronald McDonald. A few users started an in-joke whereby one would post Osakaphone saying something, and the other would post Kuma with a response. As the posts began getting more and more sexually oriented, paired with the innocence and widely-held immaturity of Osaka, led some to dub Kuma as being ‘pedo’ for her. Now Pedobear is placed after pictures of underage girls.”

  9. @M.Nicolai, it’s a Prius. So not only have they hit some hard times (as Balrog already stated) but they’re being “environmentally friendly” at the same time.

    On the other hand, the Prius grants Pedobear 10+ sneak points because of the electric motor it runs on at low speeds.

  10. One hundred years from now, 4chan will be mentioned in the dictionary as the etymology for at least one word.

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