Robots must be fought

Hello, Spiteful Ones. It used to be that you only saw my byline if you accidentally clicked on the link to my DVD column that shows up here on GameSpite every week. After a year of writing "Add to Queue", GameSpite’s Blu-ray and DVD new release round-up, I’ve been promoted to the big leagues! Yes, my snarky, self-satisfied and most of all spiteful writing about film will now be on the front page as well. I might even be allowed to write about a wider scope of topics as well! In the unlikely event you haven’t been clicking refresh on the blog every week waiting for my new column to be posted or hanging on every word I’ve posted to my Twitter feed, I thought it might be smart to write a quick introduction.

My "internet name" is VsRobot, but you can call me Levi. I’ve worked on the retail end of the entertainment industry for nearly a decade, and I’ve run bookstores, video stores, and currently manage a store devoted to video gaming . I grew up on a healthy diet of bad ’80s cartoons, Star Wars, and Nintendo games, and I look forward to filling your eye-holes with a wide range of nerdy content. Please look forward to it.

11 thoughts on “Robots must be fought

  1. Free? Man, I get paid in straight up GOLD BARS delivered to my house by sexy women in bikinis. GOLD BIKINIS. The only one getting scammed here is you!

  2. I’m working on a subsidy system. I get paid for every post I don’t make.

    And yeah, forum’s down.

  3. Oh noes, I can’t live without the forum!

    So I’m on campus right now, and there is some crazy stuff going on outside. They brought a ton of sand in and made a beach area, and there is this giant Playstation truck that is plastered with Little Big Planet stuff. They are setting it up, and I think I will be able to play it later on!

  4. @Bergasa: Pics plz!

    Wow, you’re on the front page, Levi! That’s…the same thing you do every Monday. Regardless, I look more forward to more front page fun.

    By the way, any chance of a Team Gamespite 2008 pin with a ‘picture’ of the front pagers?

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