“George Fights the Grimlaks” set report #1

I think I’ve come to a conclusion. Or rather, I think I’ve become more justified in in a certain theory than I was previously. The theory is this: It is really, really hard to make good movies because it’s already hard enough to make them proficient.

I mean, I know there’s tens of thousands of people who professionally light, operate cameras, dress sets, blow stuff up, etc., but seriously — getting movies to even make coherent sense is enough to convince you that last take was okay and that the script is fine as it is.

So yeah, 11-hour shooting session last night ending at 5am. ‘Course, I didn’t have anything else to do. At least I wasn’t in makeup the whole time like the Grimlaks.

5 thoughts on ““George Fights the Grimlaks” set report #1

  1. I think movie theaters can and should become a great source of entertainment, but until they do I have plenty of good alternatives at home. I ain’t Hollywood’s slave.

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