The good kind of curse

Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse has just been rated by Australia’s Office of Film and Literature Classifications for the Virtual Console. So what does that mean? Perhaps nothing. But in my small, secret dreams, an American release is now in the cards as well.

I’ve had the running theory for a while now that the impending release of Order of Ecclesia and Castlevania Judgement will mean the chance to spend more space bucks on killing Dracula for pleasure and profit. Yeah, these are the straws I cling to for dear life in the hope that Rondo of Blood will eventually make it to the North American VC. (Now why didn’t I buy a Japanese Wii, again?)

My theory may well hold up, but Dracula’s Curse will probably be the one getting the nod over Rondo of Blood. If that happens, I promise that I won’t complain too much. Richter gets a lot of love, but plenty of fans will tell you that Trevor and company star in the secret best Castlevania adventure ever. I’ve personally never had the chance to partake, but I saw the legends inscribed in Ultimate Unauthorized Nintendo Game Strategies many years ago. I’m told that it has a wall-climbing pirate. Sold.

So make this happen, Nintendo and Konami, and I’ll pretend that I’m not bitter about the whole Rondo of Blood thing. But hurry! You may not find me nearly so forgiving when Castlevania Judgement arrives.

[And as usual, poor Bloodlines gets the shaft. (No, not that Shaft.) — Parish]

15 thoughts on “The good kind of curse

  1. I wonder if they will go the extra mile and include the much-improved Japanese music with the English version. Unlikely, I know, but the difference is significant.

  2. I believe the reason you didn’t buy a Japanese Wii is that your American one was a gift XD.

    Andy has a point, by the way- why haven’t the older NESVanias been released on other systems? Mega Man was able to do it…

  3. I’ve just given up on caring about the VC…then I can actually be surprised when it does something nice! (Not that that happens very often, though.)

  4. By the way, Kat, if you have a Famicom you should just skip the wait and grab a copy of Akumajou Densetsu now. It really is superior to the U.S. version (Castlevania III).

  5. Why can’t we have all of them? Every Castlevania. Every last one.

    @Calorie Mate: VC has been on quite a run for the last 4 weeks.

  6. Now why would Dracula’s Curse have to be at Rondo’s expense? I think that SF2: Champion Edition for the Genesis showing up on the ESRB among others proves that there’s room for practically every single entry in a series in Nintendo’s book, variants included.

    And count me in among those who would love to see the Japanese version, aka Akumajou Densetsu, not just for the superior music, but also for the more balanced enemy damage structure. Course I have a complete copy, but I sure wouldn’t mind seeing it more accessible.

    Oh, and how about that Mega Man 2 finally showing up?

  7. You guys remember that stage where the blocks fell down from the top of the screen and you had to climb them as they piled up about 4 or 5 stories?

    That was awesome.

  8. I look forward to the day that Kid Dracula/Dracula-kun comes to the VC on NES. I think I have longer to wait than you folks slathering over Rondo of Blood.

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