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What does it say about my experience with PC gaming that some of my more vivid memories involve the first-person-shooter-cum-advertisement Chex Quest? Probably more than I should admit to on this blog! But as kid whose Gateway ran the pack-in flight simulators at an insanely sluggish rate, a video game that came free with a box of cereal was a welcome diversion. Plus, it was free of all that video game violence that was destroying youth at the time. Instead you were a Buzz Lightyear encased in breakfast food and zapped mucous. Which is more reasonable.

Apparently I’m not too alone in my fond memories of the game, as it seems someone liked it enough to create their own sequel. Seriously. I mean, I know the modding community is big, but Chex Quest? And this is from a board of Chex Quest enthusiasts? I don’t even know what to say.

You’d better believe this is getting downloaded on the double. Impressions might be forthcoming. You’re all on the edge of your seat, I’m sure.

7 thoughts on “Proof of purchase

  1. After installing this on my elementary school’s computer, I nearly failed out of my 5th grade “advanced learning” class. How can anyone resist the melee spoon?

  2. The dude who made it was apparently the original artist of the game. And an unfinished beta of Chex Quest 3 has existed for a while. So it’s not quite a case of some guy liking it a bunch.

  3. With all these new bloggers there’s too much too read on this site. Like, way too much. Now I’m gonna have to check the site more than once a day. Thanks Parish.

  4. Then my plan is a success. Although I suppose it would all have more purpose if there were actually ads on the site, huh.

  5. I don’t remember seeing this game at all and I ate Corn Chex like they were going out of style. If I had picked it up before Doom, I probably would have taken to FPS games a lot earlier.

    Instead, most of my early youth on the PC consisted of Red Baron.

  6. I remember this! I was just thinking about it last week. Aside from Cave Story, it’s the most recent PC game I’ve played.

  7. I played the hell out of Chex Quest. It was the first PC game I got for my Windows 95 machine that didn’t come with it. Now someone should write a retrospective for Hover!

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