Introductions and other aquatic mammals

[[image:jd_080910_lumberbaron01_copy1.jpg:Factual representation:right:0]]So I guess all the new contributors are supposed to introduce themselves or something? I suppose I could do that. I’m known on the forums here as Lumber Baron, although now I suddenly feel weird about actually “publishing” something using a handle. Screw it, you can call me Johnny Driggs. I’m going to change my byline on my articles even. I mean, “Lumber Baron”? What is this, GamePro?

Anyway, I’m Gamespite’s resident linguistics enthusiast, Zelda apologist, and Makoto fetishist. I’m a Cancer, a Cow, and an INTP. I’m a de jure Canadian, an épéeist, and don’t have a home town.

That good?

13 thoughts on “Introductions and other aquatic mammals

  1. Aw man, am I the ONLY one not using his real name?

    …hm, maybe I should change. Curse you, Lumber Baron!

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