Balanced energy needed for daily activities

I must’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere, because contrary to what Kat said, I’m not seeing any levers or even a single astromech. All that’s here is an empty room, save for a dusty Casio keyboard on the floor. That’s symbolic of something, I’m sure. My gut reaction was to make some terrible joke about what it’s like to try and type on a keyboard, but then I realized, oh hey, you do type on keyboards, just not…yeah. Bear with me, I’m new at this.

[[image:cm_081008_caloriemate_01.jpg:There’s a new flavor in town:center:0]]
Anyway, anyone that’s been to Talking Time (really, why would you read this site and not post there? What’s your problem, pal?) has seen me post. I practically live there. I briefly considered really introducing myself, but “Calorie Mate” is a much more fun name than “Anthony”, so I guess I’m cursed to keep it indefinitely. Ah, well. Being stuck in a cubicle at USGOVERMENT all day, I really have nothing better to do…which is why I’m hoping writing here on the front page will be a nice fit. I always had an inkling my inane ranting was front page material; somehow, I convinced Parish to see things my way, and you guys are stuck with me. Sorry ’bout that.

I can’t really begin to guess what I’ll post about, but you can be sure I’ll be balancing out the robot animes and classying the place up now and then with posts about those music games the kids love so much. Case in point, my first article written for Gamespite (which happens to be the first Gamespite user article, not that I’m boasting) was about Guitar Hero. (I also wrote a darling little piece about Zack and Wiki, because, hey, that game deserves lots of love).

I know it’s scary to see someone other than JP posting up here, but don’t worry guys. Parish is taking the internet to new and exciting places, so get on the trolley. (Editor’s note: I think he is exaggerating for effect here.)

14 thoughts on “Balanced energy needed for daily activities

  1. This is starting to remind me of when the raptors learned how to open doors in Jurassic Park.

  2. Now we know who to blame for all these new people posting on the front page.

    No, but seriously, I think this is a really cool change.

  3. Yay! now i can get my daily intake of all my favorite online writer people without having to resort to to see the forums.

  4. I ordered an Indian Gavial! BOO!

    FUN FACT: Calorie Mate is intercontinental when he makes French toast.

  5. hey guys what does it say at the bottom of the picture? I’m too distracted looking at the no paint naked 0%

  6. On an unrelated note, Tomm, think you could take this shirt over to Reibeatall for me? There’s a bitchin’ wallpaper in it for you if you do…

  7. “Madness! The good kind though!” Madness? This is GameSpita! (sorry about using that really tired meme folks).

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