I am a good little consumer

Now that I’m out of the dark financial cloud of the past half-year, I don’t have to pinch pennies quite so tightly. My girlfriend and I went out for dinner the other night. It was a very nostalgic reminder of less stressful days! We ate tasty food and had a pleasant time, which was a nice change from buying something on the cheap and feeling guilty for not having settled for ramen.

I also decided to jump on the new iPods Apple announced today, a decision which was only partially self-indulgent. My current iPod nano (the second-generation one from two years ago) still works without any trouble, but I’ve kind of outgrown it. People are making much ado about wow voice memos in the new nanos! as if that’s something that hasn’t been in place since the original nano. The fact is, I use my iPod (combined Voltron-style with a Micro Memo recorder by the terribly-named XTreme Mac) as an audio recorder for all my interviews, and it’s single the best recorder I’ve ever used. When employed in a quiet room, its sound quality is good enough to use in a pinch as a podcast source. Unfortunately, 8GB isn’t that much space, as I learned in the middle of my Goichi Suda interview. D’oh! So: upgrade time.

I also need the ability to play iPod games for some upcoming projects, a feature not included in my current system, and thanks to modern Apple not understanding the importance of ease-of-use (whoops) iPod games don’t actually work on an iPhone. Clever girl.

Of course, my real impetus is that I’ve just sold off my Spice Orange GameCube and don’t feel complete without a garish orange piece of home electronics in my life.

Edit: I’m not sure why the forums are down, as I haven’t done anything to change them and the server is anything but overloaded. Sorry, I’m in contact with my host at the moment to get it sorted out.

Edit 2: And it looks like I spoke too soon about being out of the woods. Wow, today is awesome. I think I’ll go kill myself now.

16 thoughts on “I am a good little consumer

  1. The new UI is definitely sexy, but I’m one of those types who needs to have all their media on them at all times or I don’t feel complete, so I have to stick with my not-quite-year-old iPod classic. I hate having to decide what playlists to switch out!

  2. I just saw these new iPods while flipping channels on TV. I can’t believe I didn’t know there was an Apple thing going on today! Imagine– to hear about this through a television!

  3. Man, Calories and I were about to start spamming your comments with tales of woe about the forums, but you already have it covered.

  4. My god, if the forums stay down much longer, I may ACTUALLY HAVE TO DO SOME WORK. Don’t let me live in a world where that’s true!

    p.s. I dig the spice orange. I’m still sad we never got the spice orange and lime green Wiis.

  5. I remember you talking about the Gochi Suda Interview earlier. Has that gone up yet? I’d be very interested in reading it.

  6. Well jeez. And here I was breaking my record for posting in one day, and this goes and happens.

    Thanks a LOT cruel internet error. Making me look bad!

    err- worse.

  7. Mike – Indeed. They are the Board of Professional Responsibility. Somebody must be held accountable for their actions.

    If this goes on longer, the whole TT will migrate here once more to share tales of personal woe and anguish.

  8. Good god, Mike, don’t even suggest that. If I was the one to kill Talking Time, I…I don’t know what I would do.

  9. Good luck to you with the financial hell, this economy is hurting everyone.

    On a lighter note…

    WOOO NEW NANOs! Love how they’re a more vertical design now ala the firstgen Nano. Never liked the model prior to these new fangled ones.

    Will stick with my ‘lil Sansa 4GB Flash player for now, but dammit those Nanos are pretty.

  10. Don’t do it, man! You’ve got so much electronics to live for.
    Me, I’m still stuck with the Mini I got about three months before they released the Nano.

  11. I decided before the Apple event that I’d buy a new Nano only if the 16 gig model was $150, and it isn’t, so I won’t… but they do look pretty nice. Alas, I will continue to live with my Frankenstein’s Monster iPod Mini that is retrofitted with an 8GB CF card and has a cracked screen.

  12. Heh… I could have waited a year for them to come back to the aluminum body. I suppose if I have some catastropic accident with my nano, I might switch over. the video aspect was never a draw for me; I just care about function, form, and pricing.

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