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I know contributor Mr. Robot digs the Blu-ray, but I’m pretty certain the format is stillborn. You see, this week the world is graced with a tenth-anniversary edition of The Big Lebowski on DVD. But not Blu-ray! Who wants to own a media format for which The Big Lebowski is unavailable? No one. I tells ya, it’s doomed.
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So pretty much all anyone can say about this week’s Virtual Console release is, “Holy crap, they released Cho Aniki in the U.S.?” And, uh, I find it hard to disagree. Holy crap indeed. I’m honestly amazed, given the obvious homoerotic overtones of the game — I mean, this is America. My advice would be: download it now before Focus on the Family makes Nintendo take it offline.

9 thoughts on “While my DJ revolves it

  1. That’s the only room you’re giving to “The Fall”? Hmm. I thought it was beautiful and brilliant. Please give it a look.

  2. Knowing Focus on the Family, they won’t make Nintendo take it offline so much as demand their listeners boycott and write angry letters to Nintendo for at least a decade.

  3. There aren’t enough words in the English language to convey how disappointed I am that we’re not getting Big Lebowski on Blu-ray. “The Fall” doesn’t look very cool though and I’m sure it’ll be gorgeous in Hi-Def.

  4. It might just take longer for Lebowski to appear on Blu-Ray, after all it WAS in HD-DVD, and the companies that supported and later abandoned that format have been pretty slow in pressing their movies in Blu-Ray. Those guys are still playing catch-up, I guess.

  5. Isn’t this at least the fourth version of Lebowski on DVD? It’s like the Final Fantasy I of Coen Brothers movies.

  6. That’s a great start with Cho Aniki…

    A great start towards getting Ai Cho Aniki (PCE-CD) on VC, a much better game overall from what I’ve seen. And a good deal more flaming. *hopes

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