Issue 9.4: The Frickin’ Finally Episode

Ah, now that summer event madness is over — and seriously, I don’t remember any previous year being quite so jam-packed with events — I can finally get back to extracurricular projects. We should have put the wraps on this issue, what, two weeks ago? Yeah. Well, so it goes. Next week: something completely different.

Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice
Kolbe once again rages against the machine in which he is inexorably trapped. As usual, he praises a Capcom game while cursing the company with gritted teeth and muttered imprecations. We are all tiny seeds trapped in a giant wheel designed to grind us into a thin paste from which money may be extracted; prey to corporate predation. Victimhood binds us together, like the Force.
Cave Story
This article has been in the works for much too long. Of course, I’ve only gotten around to finishing it now that has recently published its own hagiography. I haven’t read that one yet, so I have no idea if the two pieces cover much of the same territory. However, I can say with absolute confidence that this one is a damn sight shorter than theirs.

3 thoughts on “Issue 9.4: The Frickin’ Finally Episode

  1. I wonder why we’re getting TWO love letters to Cave Story this week, years after I thought everyone had already been introduced to it. Not that I’m complaining, because it’s always worth recounting the good things to say about the game.

    But yeah, that Hell level…dammit. Still never finished it, although I did fight the boss a couple times.

  2. I only made it through Hell by cheating a bit… I couldn’t make it through the final battle of the normal storyline without using up the health jar, and couldn’t finish Hell without it either. So I downloaded a save file at the start of Hell that still had it in inventory. >.

  3. Don’t know how much you guys care about this sort of thing, but there’s a fairly spoilerish image in the Apollo Justice review. I finished the game months ago, so no worries on my part, but just thought I’d mention it.

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