Traveling into the future?

There’s been some talk lately that Chrono Trigger for DS is being pushed back until next year. Anything’s possible, but I think this speculation is incorrect. So far people seem to be going off an email and the listing — but Amazon has been saying “next year” since Square officially announced the November date, so I wouldn’t take that as gospel, exactly. Also, there’s the small fact that I asked Sonia and Klee from Square’s PR division about it when they were showing us The Last Remnant yesterday, and they didn’t know anything about it. This wasn’t that coy PR, “We can’t talk about that right now,” sort of “not knowing anything” — it was the surprised, “two people doing a double take at one another in confusion” sort of actually not knowing anything. So…I would not put much stock in said rumors.

This has been a rare public-service post here at GameSpite. Henceforth: the usual nonsense.

6 thoughts on “Traveling into the future?

  1. No need to rub it in, Swift :'( But I’m seriously considering importing this – anybody knows a good, reliable online store for importing US games into the Euro zone?

  2. Well, I’m going to get right onto the usual nonsense: everybody go play some second-tier title you’ve never heard of. It’s surprisingly good!

  3. wouldn’t NCS ( be a good source for importing US games to europe? they’re a great source for importing japanese games to the US, and they stock US games…

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