Scheduling compromise

This week’s regular contents might run a wee bit late. Having the best seat in the house for the PAX Omegathon finale is very tiring work, you know. Well, that and the fact that the show was so huge and so many things demanded my time that I’m only now able to write them up. I wrote some previews last night and you can see them becoming progressively loopier as I struggled harder to stay awake:

OK, I gots to go catch an airplane now. Hopefully the airport isn’t too insane on the Labor Day after PAX. Aw, who am I kidding.

15 thoughts on “Scheduling compromise

  1. Awn, Dragon Ball Not Z. I want it! Is almost as if someone released a game called “Your Childhood Memories” for the DS.

  2. ‘is… izzat the last dragon in the center of the picture? =O’
    “Nah, that’s just a glow, not the glow.”
    Sho’ Nuff. Now, did anyone rock out with DeBarge?

  3. Chairman Kaga needs to be unlockable in some capacity in Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine. Because that would be awesome.

  4. Yes, but Mark Dacascos’ facial expressions in the preview trailer for the upcoming Iron Chef game are GOLD.

    Michelle loves Cooking Mama for the DS (and the PC game knockoffs), and the fact that the Wii version features running commentary for ALton Brown seals the deal, because I’m a huge, HUGE Alton Brown fan.

  5. Yippeee!

    Ahem, yes. I love Iron Chef America far, far more than the Japanese original, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Hell, my whole family does, which makes this perfect! The conundrum now is: Wii? Or DS? This would seem like the perfect game to implement connectivity –run around the set on the Wii, take care of the details on the DS. Could have even made for a nice spectator mode, too. Ah, well, I’m sure I’ll love it anyho–

    Bobby Flay is missing as he was unavailable for voice sessions

    Nnnnooooooooooooooooooo! ;_;

  6. “the Wii version features running commentary for ALton Brown”

    Oh man. This is giving rise to some of my most intense “not owning a Wii regret” ever.

  7. “”Bobby Flay is missing as he was unavailable for voice sessions””

    This sprouted several “Best. Game. Ever.” declarations in my inbox. Even Food Network knows how much Flay is hated – that’s why they sent him around the country in Throwdown, so that the average American could also dream of kicking his ass. It was *beautiful*.

    And, yes, 5000 lines of AB commentary make this at least a must-rent, and I HATED Cooking Mama and its ilk. Then again, having it actually be a competition rather than an adorable Japanese woman teaching unsuable cooking technique is better.

  8. Hmmm.

    I suppose if I were a truly responsible game journalist, I’d be able to tell you if Jedi Master Yoda will be using true Type IV Ataru lightsaber forms in LucasArts’ new Wii fighter Star Wars: The Clone Wars — Lightsaber Duels.

    Is that where Yoda latches onto anything female and asks for a date, only to be zapped by his alien girlfriend?

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