Apparently people listen to Retronauts

Who knew? I didn’t. I never get to see the numbers, so I always just assume we’re piffling along with an audience of a few dozen. Actually, that could very well still be the case, but if so then I appear to have shaken hands here at PAX with everyone who listens to it. I’ve lost count of how many people have come up to me having recognized me from something or another and immediately segued into, “I like your podcast!” Without fail, actually — every single person so far. It’s happened far more often than at PAX two years ago, actually, which could be accounted for by the fact that the show is probably two or three times larger this year but probably has more to do with the fact that more people use video on the web. And I do occasionally have to show up on The 1UP Show, despite my best efforts to avoid it.

In any case, it’s been interesting to see how the audience acts when they meet different people. For me it’s an immediate mention of Retronauts. Meanwhile, they seem to be in awe of Garnett Lee, reportedly heckle Shane Bettenhausen (heh), and Shawn Elliott returned to our hotel room with a bag full of imported candy that people brought him because he mentioned something about how the first thing he does when he visits a foreign country is sample their candy. Oh yeah, and people are always giving Garnett booze, as he is rumored to enjoy a little dook dook dook every now and then, I hear. Free stuff is awesome. I need a gimmick, too.

Anyway, if you see me, feel free to give me…stuff. As long as it’s not gross stuff.

26 thoughts on “Apparently people listen to Retronauts

  1. I kept a sharp eye out for you at E3 2005 in the hopes that I could freak you out by referencing something obscure from Alas, you were nowhere to be found.

  2. They don’t give you the numbers for your own show? Really? You need to yell at someone. Or at least give them a sharp poke.

  3. See, despite your occasional self-deprecating remarks about Retronauts, it actually is really good. The recent Famicom and Bionic Commando episodes in particular were great. Now, if there were just the occasional Bonus Stage…

    And I was not at PAX, so that makes at least one of us!

  4. I am pretty sure Garnett and Shawn were just joking about the booze and candy, but fans are fans. I assume there will be no Shawn-style griefing at PAX?

  5. I ran into you yesterday (the guy who was terrible at Shiren and wants to see more Katamari-style reviews). It’s an odd feeling to see a familiar face and start a conversation before realizing they have no clue who you are. Thanks for humoring me!

  6. If I ever saw Parish in real life, I would have the common decency not to talk to him because I know I would come off as either a really creepy fanboy or say something totally inane.

  7. To be insta-friends with Parish you need to address him in the ancient language of Pokemons.

    Pari Pari Rishka!

    Insta-friends I tell ya!

  8. I saw you at E3, but didn’t want to bother you! Actually, this story makes me seem like a very sad person now! I shouldn’t have mentioned it!

  9. I knew a certain regular on retronauts when he was in grade school. Coincidentally, I learned that after listening to the show since, fuck, episode 3 or so.

    If I ever met Mr. Parish, I would probably just be elated to say Hi. I guess free stuff is pretty cool too though.

  10. Retronauts is an excellent podcast but, on top of that you shouldn’t be too surprised that you go over well with the PAX crowd – Tycho once mentioned you and the podcast as one of the high points of reasoned and enjoyable discussion of video games.

  11. I’m pretty sure Tycho thinks of you as one of the best writers working in games. Which is kind of interesting, as there’s a lot of people who’d put Tycho himself on that list.

    And the 1UP Show isn’t that bad. In fact, it’s pretty good! I don’t know why, but it doesn’t make me shout at the screen like 1UP Yours and 1UP FM does. (Sorry, 1UP FM! You keep having retarded guests on who think that the people buying the Wii care about graphics and other such lies.)

  12. Oook, this page is acting weirdly. That last post was me clarifying that I accidentally posted anonymously, except that that message has misteriously vanished into the digital ether.

    Anyway, I was saying… I remember that cereals used to be your gimmick. You should be using your dark evil podcast powers to have dozens upon dozens of boxes with badly designed cereal mascots on them thrust upon you.

  13. Retronauts is fabulous. It’s probably one of the only podcasts that I keep backed up on my hard drive because I love listening to them. The recent Bionic Commando one was spectacular. Keep up the great work! :)

  14. Well, I’m torn. Giving Parish his old games back would be fun, and I’m sure that trying to get him to sign my old Toastyfrog Zine copies would be terribly uncomfortable for all involved, but I also have this box of Manischewitz Magic Max’s Cocoa Magic Crunch (product of Israel; kosher for Passover) where the mascot, Magic Max, is an ill-conceived combination of a mixing spoon, a star of David, a magician, and the Sun.

  15. Hey, I gave you the heads up on avoiding the dart walkway of doom on the upper level of Gameworks, does that count?

    It was nice to see you again (and actually talk this time)!

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