28 thoughts on “Parenthood

  1. I’d seen her play Carry on My Wayward Son, but this is also impressive. Who knew that Japan was hiding an organ prodigy?

  2. “I’d seen her play Carry on My Wayward Son, but this is also impressive.”

    Oh, wait, same girl? Holy crap! She’s a mutant genius. Or else has tyrannical parents.

  3. Yeah, it looked like the same girl. I can’t imagine there are a lot of Japanese girls playing classic rock songs on an organ.

  4. Okay, I’m honest: I don’t know the song she’s playing. Will someone tell me what it is?

    Also, yeah, she rockx. With an x.

  5. Ha, not to pick too finely, but it’s a common misconception that Woody Allen adopted Soon Yi Previn. Mia Farrow adopted her while she was married to Andre Previn. There is something about those Koreans though, can’t blame him.

  6. I was wondering who would twist innocent awe into a Woody Allen joke. ReyVGM, you are a terrible human being.

  7. this goes without saying i guess…but the comments on youtube for this are hideous…

    anyway, good lord. what’s amazing is that she’s able to do the insane drumming on this.

    i’m reminded of that simpsons episode where homer imagines having marge’s hair – “i don’t need her at all anymore!”. geddy lee could become a one-man band.

  8. Between the opening bars and Jeremy’s unmitigated love of prog rock, I just knew it was YYZ. Best homage since Primus’ live intro on “John the Fisherman” on their “Suck on This” album.

  9. Holy shit… I don’t mean that lightly, either. Just… wow. Awesome find, ‘Parish. This girl needs to put this sucker out as a single, if nothing else.

  10. My plans for world domination have failed!
    A joke on Parish turned into a joke on me!
    Damn you [Sean]!

  11. I am watching all the related videos of her playing different songs now. She plays a theme from Kiki’s Delivery Service! So in love

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