Push the button, Frank

I have to say that I am seriously looking forward to PAX next weekend. Not just because it’s going to be enjoyable (though it will be, no doubt), but because once it’s over I have a whole, glorious month free of major events. Nothing doing until Tokyo Game Show in October. That is good! It means I can whip things into shape around here.

My first priority, of course, is to create and mail out gifts for everyone who’s signed up for the server fund, now that said fund has rolled into its third month. To the left right is the second button of the set, featuring our friend the Telebunny in front of a background clearly inspired by Super Mario Bros. 3 and World. (The first was decided on some time ago, if you’ll recall.) One more to go.

Oh, and for anyone who thinks games journalism is a joke…this weekend marked my inaugural effort as a travel and leisure writer, which consisted of me traveling down the coast to a really nice inn, where I was fed, given a tour, put up in a posh, complimentary room and offered a one-hour massage course so that I could write a fluff piece about what a wonderful place it is. It is a wonderful place, so I won’t exactly be straining against my integrity here. Still, I felt like I was doing something sneaky and disreputable the entire time, although of course I was simply going about it the Way These Things Are Done in that particular field of publishing. I decided to pass up the massage just in case. My back may be achey, but the burden upon my body is a load lifted from my soul. Or something like that.

12 thoughts on “Push the button, Frank

  1. Life is short….cliched, simple, but true. So uh, get massages, because they are wonderful!

  2. How far down the coast, out of curiosity? Wondering if you made it anywhere near my neighborhood (SLO area).

  3. Parish only played the first part of the Hotel Experience game! He CLEARLY didn’t get to the part where you get the nice massage. Don’t trust his scores!

  4. also, when your job is to report on how good the massage is, as it is a part of the experience at said hotel, you probably should try it.

  5. You also totally should take any and all opportunities for preferential treatment, for presumably this will be extended to at least some of your readers, and if your review does not mention the possibility of preferential treatment and how good it is, some of your readers may believe the hotel is worse than it is.

    And then they will get on the Internet and scream like three-year-olds– no this really doesn’t have much in common with games journalism, does it.

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