Remember when I opened a call for site contributors a few weeks back? Well… much to my surprise, GameSpite is apparently reputable enough now (or something, I dunno) that I received three dozen applicants. That’s really quite a lot, and I’m sort of at a loss for how to deal with so much interest. I’m thinking perhaps I should begin thinking outside of the proverbial box, maybe. So if you’ve submitted an application, please don’t be discouraged by the fact that I haven’t responded to you! I haven’t responded to anyone. I just haven’t had a chance yet. It’s been a stressful month. Once we’re through with Leipzig Games Convention — I get to wake up at 5 a.m. tomorrow to post news stories, which I will do diligently and without complaint because, hey, crap hours during LGC seems like a fair trade-off for not having to work home base during Tokyo Game Show — and Penny Arcade Expo, the good times shall roll! It seems September is, in stark contrast to April, the least cruel month. Please stay tuned for further developments.

Also: If you are going to PAX, please check the relevant forum thread to stand and be counted. Apparently people are going to meet up. I might join in if I’m free, although I’ll be serving as 1UP Point Man and thus may not be able to extricate myself from my duties. And I’ve got that protestant work ethic thing going, so I always toil away like a dutiful little worker bee at these things.

Additionally: My girlfriend has started up a blog chronicling her travails as an aspiring photographer. It turns out she’s a pretty good blogger! Hopefully she’ll give me some pointers.

And finally: My endeavor to sell off my worldly possessions proceeds apace. This week, the bulk of my DS collection is on the auction block. My stacks of things to get rid of are growing smaller, and it’s a pretty good feeling! Material possessions are dumb. Well, with a few exceptions, of course.

17 thoughts on “Miscellaneavania

  1. Would it be worthwhile to create a real-deal ToastyWiki to give potential contributors a chance to create games and then highlight one or two per Gamespite issue? If you allow for multiple critiques per game entry within the Wiki, it would be a fairly egalitarian way for you, the writers, and potential contributors to all have a say in what gets posted on the site.

    Looking at some of your ebay entries over the past few weeks, I think you really will get to find new appreciation for your games when you sell off what you currently own. All the “unused” and “barely-used” games give an indication that your collection was just too large and daunting for you to comfortably dive into a game and eck out enjoyment from it.

  2. I really like the pictures on your girlfriend’s site. I especially like the architecture section.
    Tell her to put more of her photos on the actual blog though. it looks a little barren at the moment. :)

  3. Geez. That’s…a pretty extensive DS collection. I think the most DS games I’ve owned at one time has been four.

  4. But… I have to update the chronicles of America’s Daring, highly trained, special mission force! How can I do that without a forum on which to post them?

  5. Guys, sometimes they take down the MySQL servers at 2 a.m. for maintenance. Now what the crap were you EST people doing trying to post at 5 a.m. your time? Madmen.

  6. I have to ask… Barnyard Blast:Swine of the Night – Did the line on the box “Is Robert a bad enough dude to rescue his son?” Have any bearing on you picking up this game?

  7. Actually the copy for Barnyard Blast was written by a friend of the site (I’m not sure if he wants to be anonymous or not), which is the only reason I picked it up. I feel slightly like I am betraying him by selling it, but baby needs new shoes, etc.

  8. I almost picked up Baryard Blast the other day at Target because it was written by this same friend you speak of! Maybe I should just buy yours!


    Seriously, though, don’t freak out if the forums are temporarily offline at odd hours. It is almost certainly just routine maintenance rather than a systemic failure.

  10. Now I know that, I certainly won’t again. But it was my first time…it hurt quite a bit.

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