It’s just another Chelsea Monday

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Ah, summer time. When the major releases are poopy because who would ever want to play interesting new games during summer when they have time off and miserably hot afternoons to kill? Thank goodness for downloadable content! The savior of our miserable summers of suffering.

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So, there’s like this medium called “film.” I hear it’s pretty popular! You should read about it to take a break from video games, because really those things are gonna rot your brain and give you carpal tunnel syndrome or something.

11 thoughts on “It’s just another Chelsea Monday

  1. I love the New Game + Pick of the Week! Heck, the whole column was above and beyond this week. Can’t wait to dive into Galaga Legions and Quest for Booty. Who needs disc-based games when PSN and XBLA are all-out ROCKING right now?

  2. PS I don’t get the title this week. Chelsea as in a woman’s name? Or Chelsea as in a part of London? How is either connected to Monday? I feel asleep. :/

  3. It’s the title of a Marillion song and, I believe, refers to both the name and the locale.

  4. The games column never followed me into the abyss of abandoning The Pick of The Week, and I’m glad they didn’t.

    Seriously, can you imagine sticking pokey little gems all over your controllers? Your hands would be torn to shreds after every play session!!

  5. Seems everyone bought two copies of “Falling Stars” as it is now sold out on Amazon.

  6. Nice job as always, folks.

    I really enjoyed the Sarah Connor Chronicles. I would hope that people take vsrobot’s advice and grab it off Netflix.

    The action stays solid even on the occaisions when the plot drops the ball.

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