Yes, Lucca, there is a Santa Claus

Looks like Chrono Trigger DS has a release date. That is good, although the Square tax is pretty annoying. I mean, seriously, it’s not like I can’t just go get the Super NES cart for five bucks…oh, wait. Ah, they’ve got us again, the bastards. But no matter. Let’s have a race to see who can get all the endings and a party full of maxed stats by New Year’s.

26 thoughts on “Yes, Lucca, there is a Santa Claus

  1. SquareEnix tax doesn’t exist over here, I don’t think even they have the guts to charge more than the standard UK pricing.
    Then again, does a Chrono Trigger DS release date exist over here?

  2. I think they said it wouldn’t be coming out this year for the UK.

    If you don’t mind the slow down, you can pick up the PSone version for sub 20 bucks… and it comes with Final Fantasy IV!

  3. I hate the Square tax so much I’m actually not buying their games until they drop to normal price (or cheaper, really).

    Kungfukid: It is probably better to go without than to play the PSOne port. The slow down is seriously awful.

  4. Europe 2009. Much like Tales of Vesperia I expected as much, doesn’t make it much easier.
    Still can’t believe this’ll be the first time Chrono Trigger is ever released in Europe..

  5. I hope that isn’t the final artwork for the box. It reminds me of the recent FFIV’s, which was too lackluster for my liking.

    Also: Yay!

  6. Lackluster? I always forget that the American FF releases usually come with images splashed all over the cover. In Europe I can’t think of an FF that hasn’t been the logo on a white background, with nothing else. I kinda like the consistency, and it does have its merits when you line up the collection on a shelf.

  7. Yeah…. I’ve had this been emulating this game since the Chrono Trigger episode of Retronauts. So, I probably won’t be picking this up.

  8. sort of surprised this is $40. with the full-3D, voice-and-cutscenes DS games, i completely understand it and don’t think anything negative about it, particularly after talking to people who work at the company about the financials of the situation, but $40 for a barely-enhanced CT is pushing it, i think.

    i beat CT already once this year (first time, if you’ll recall, for that matter) so i’m not in the mood to play it again, but i do want this version for its portability and (presumably) tidied-up script.

  9. I buy their DS games at Target when they hit the clearance section. I usually pay half off.

  10. FFIV’s cover wasn’t lackluster at all — the silver on black looks pretty classy. But it’s the first time that’s been the case since Square Enix switched to black for their US releases. Ring of Fates and FFTA2 were terrible. It looked like some intern opened the Japanese covers in Photoshop and accidentally hit Invert. And then added frickin’ lens flare for no good reason. Disgusting.

  11. Is anyone else scared to death that they’ll be releasing some sort of awesome CT-themed DS lite? I’m terrified. My pocketbook wakes up screaming.

  12. So any reason for the SE tax here? Are they going to put the video clips from the PS1 release on the cart thus requiring a large DS cart it least?

  13. Yeah, some of the FF box art doesn’t look so bad, until you see Japan’s covers, full of Amano goodness.

  14. Never understood the fascination with Amano’s work. Feminine, anorexic albinos aren’t my preferred art style.

  15. @Pombar: Consistency is good, agreed, but Chrono Trigger isn’t a Final Fantasy game, so they should do something different with the cover.

    Just to expand on my earlier post about FFIV’s cover being lackluster, I am standing by it. A logo on a plain background doesn’t excite me, even if it is classy. If you compare FFIII DS’s Japanese vs American box arts, the choice for me is clear: The Japanese one has that little something extra that makes it an awesome box art. I think part of what I don’t like about FFIV DS’s is the black background (which, as Parish said, is a first). Eh, it’s not like it’s going to stop any of us for paying for these games, so who cares anyway?

  16. EDIT: I don’t know why I said FFIV DS’s black background box art is a first, I forgot about the couple of DS FF spinoffs that had it. Anyway, I just don’t like the black background.

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