Your head explod.

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Man! Now that Levi’s stopped picking a DVD of the week I find myself flailing wildly in an effort to pick an interesting selection for the header and promo art. This week I went with The Doors, mainly because I incoherently mimicked Jim Morrison on today’s Retronauts. Yeah, I dunno.
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I like the fact that this week sees the release of a game based on the web thing that popularized the term “Your head asplode,” as well as a remake of the game that became famous for showing Hitler (yeah, Hitler) as his head exploded in gory 8-bit detail. Coincidence? Uh, yeah. But an amusing one, in a small, dumb way.

8 thoughts on “Your head explod.

  1. I would’ve went with a Top Gun Volleyball scene header image. You know, for the ladies.

  2. Wait, the guys didn’t pick Bionic Commando as the game of the week?


  3. I saw “The Secret” in the pre-street drawer at work and I had to prevent me from immediately throwing it on the ground with a hearty, “Get that new-age bullshit out of my store!”

    Good thing it’s just another crappy J-Horror remake.

  4. NG+ fails to mention that this edition of Madden will feature the most heinous case of the Madden Curse of all time. Not only does Favre defy an honorary retirement cover, he comes back on a different team. He is up against a tsunami of negative juu-juu.

    Oh, right, Gamespite. Sorry.

  5. David Duchovny looks more out of it than the Van Morrison look-alike on those covers.

    Star Parodier actually looks pretty cool. The chance to play as a PC Engine with controllers circling it or Bomberman firing spread bombs is pretty intriguing to me.

  6. new Retronauts? Why hasn’t anyone else picked up on the only truly important part of this post???

  7. Do you stare into space until these awesome title puns come to you, or do they just pop into your head?

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