Boy are my arms tired

So, I’m back from Tokyo and in a wonderful place where it’s been 60 degrees and misty and cloudy all day. If we could somehow combine the cool, clean bay air of San Francisco with the density, efficiency and food of Tokyo, we would have the best city in the world.

I’m forcing myself not to sleep too much until later tonight to help fight jetlag, so my brain isn’t much use until then. I’ll climb back on the blogging bandwagon once I’ve rested and such. I have weekly columns to post! That I haven’t! I have failed you all. Also, GameSpite Issue 9 kicks off this weekend, and it’s going to be sexy.

Speaking of sexy, I guess, that post about the “Stop! STDs” billboard was somehow voted up on Digg today, while I was on the plane in fact. Of course while I was on the plane. Site-crippling things only happen while I’m physically unable to deal with them. Anyway, the site wasn’t really prepared for sextuple traffic levels — hurr hurr “sex”-tuple, STD, porn star, hrrrr — but it seems to be running smoothly now. Hooray for too little, too late.

11 thoughts on “Boy are my arms tired

  1. If the Digg Effect really only boosted your traffic by a factor of 6, this is an impressive little site you have here, Parish.

  2. Oh, turns out it was a factor of ten. I guess I’m just a hack-y little nobody after all!

  3. You’re our hackey little nobody though! Doesn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy?

    Hmm, that doesn’t sound quite as impressive when I say it.

  4. Thanks to this post (and the post about the mgs4 creepy dolls) my works internet has now banned gamespite :( now i have to read on

    (also the system thinks i’m logged in as sean?)

  5. Udlras:
    I’ve actually had some weird things like that happen before. It will have the Name field already filled out, but instead of my name it will have name of the person that last posted. Rather odd.

  6. That’ll teach you to post interesting, easily digestible media on your website. The internet masses clamor for more stimuli, and they will devour your bandwidth to get it.

  7. I’m almost positive you’ve used that exact headline (“Boy are my arms tired”) before (either here or over at 1up, I can’t remember). You’re going to start losing all that bandwidth you love so much if you cut corners like that, Parish.

  8. Yeah, I was wondering what was wrong with the site. I should have known porn was somehow involved!
    Good to have you back. :)

  9. Yeah, if you’re a hack who’s pigeonholed herself into web writing (ie, me), the writing advice you receive from editors starts with “Sex” and ends with “Sells.”

  10. Apparently Tokyo has become the cocktail capital of the world too – just another reason to build a diabolical machine that will achieve San Francisco/Tokyo overlay.

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