The world ends with me

Funny, the view out my hotel window looks curiously…familiar.

I made it to Tokyo, see, and it’s actually not too bad here! The heat isn’t as murderous as I expected. The humidity, though…yeah. My hair got all wavy the minute I stepped off the plane. It’s terrible. Makes me look like David Letterman or something. I’m also annoyed at myself for having gotten all the good photos the last two times I was here. I’m not really sure what to shoot now.

Tokyo was a close call, though. I was worried for a moment that “Natrita” wasn’t just a typo. “Oh, you wanted the Narita flight? Sorry, sir, we’re headed to a natrite mine in Zimbabwe where you will live the rest of your brief and miserable life mining crystals in subhuman conditions. Pretzels?”

Yeah, I dunno. I can never sleep on the plane, so I’m going on about 22 hours without any sleep. Add to that the dementia caused by the high sodium levels of the “food” they serve on the plane and it’s a wonder these sentences are even complete. Hell, for all I know they’re not. I’m sleeping now.

7 thoughts on “The world ends with me

  1. I’m tight with the crew at Wild Boar over there. Tell ’em Merus sent you, and they’ll set you up with some leather and down for a nominal fee and some cadmium or something.

  2. Ugh, if this year’s weather is anything like last year, I feel your pain. I wasn’t in Tokyo for five minutes before I was coated in a sweat that didn’t subside until I left the country :P

    Good luck, sir!

  3. I think a picture tour of TWEWY would be the easiest idea for photos; bonus points if you can find people dressed like in the game!

  4. Parish? you all right? All this entry says is nklsdfnlgn and ;alvnswkljnf and a picture I think of the nightstand in your hotel room. Maybe you should get some sleep, I know how brutal those long flights can be. I’m sure you can fix it when you wake up!

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