The sweltering sky

Well, it’s time to go away and do things in Japan. I’m not sure what things, because despite my best efforts to plan this trip over the course of the past few weeks nothing seems to have solidified yet. Yay! I do have a few things in mind, such as hunting down that mysterious Castlevania arcade game which may or may not be in Ikekuburo, and spending a Sunday afternoon in Akihabara to see if the area’s rebounded from that terrible murder spree a month ago. But beyond the unpronounceable main event, it’s all very seat-of-the-pants.

Anyway, I’ll be blogging here and at 1UP — mostly 1UP, since they’re paying for this disaster-in-the-making — but I will also upload photos to Flickr and, assuming I can sync up my rental phone to my account, do the Twitter thing as well.

10 thoughts on “The sweltering sky

  1. I’m only using Twitter until I can incorporate an update-by-phone miniblog into the site. Which will probably be never!

  2. The Twitter thing actually goes through the whole of your postings. Interesting.

    Have fun in Tokyo! Maybe you can find some inspiration there to finish off your Famicom blogs.

    P.S.- What elliptical machine did you end up buying?

  3. The Loke for Castlevania has already ended. You could always try out the newly released (and unfortunately named) JuBeat instead.

  4. If you had a wordpress backend, you could use the wordpress iPhone plugin to liveblog wherever you want. Then again, you can just go onto the damn internet and blog like everyone else with a iPhone, but give me convenience or give me death!

  5. Man, Internet, you sure do jump through a lot of hurdles to persuade me that you’re actually millions of seperate people posting from all sorts of places instead of one single entity that doesn’t really exist.

    Good thing I’m too smart to fall for that.

  6. The advent of twitter was when I knew I was no longer in the “young” “hip” crowd. I just don’t understand it. I mean what’s the point of… wait, I think some kids are trying to walk on my lawn

  7. Weather in Japan right now looks great. High 80’s, low 90’s is down right temperate, as long as you’re wearing shorts & a t-shirt.

  8. Shorts? The last time Jeremy revealed those pasty gams in public, Mega Man was still relevant.

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