Yesterday it was pointed out to me that the sword in Too Human‘s logo resembles a letter T. Now I am forever doomed to think of the game as “Toot, Human.” Sorry, I know that’s inappropriate for a game that is clearly meant to be High Art. High Art about killing mobs of monsters. Yes.

Also, I leave for Tokyo tomorrow and I have some schedule gaps in my trip. Please help me fill them! Preferably indoors, with access to air conditioning. Apparently the city’s weather for the coming week hovers between “uncomfortably sweltering” and “hot enough to melt lead in the shade.”

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  1. I’m leaving Japan on Sunday, but here’s my advice:

    Go to Kita-Kamakura station on the Yokosuka line. See the Engaku-ji. Take the hiking trail through to the Daibutsu. Be sure to stop at the shrines on the way. Check out the Daibutsu and also Hase-dera. Get on the Enoshima line at Hase station. Go to Enoshima. Eat junk food, climb the island mountain. Go home.

  2. That doesn’t sound air-conditioned at all. I’ve already done shrines this year, and in much nicer climes.

  3. i know it’s more mielke’s thing than yours, but go visit Q! and pick mizuguchi’s brain.

  4. Quit making fun of my awesome game, you jerk! I can argue pointlessly for hours and you don’t like recording long podcasts, so I’ll win. I singlehandedly took down NeoGaf with my pretentious circular logic and bland Canadian demeanor – and you, Parish, are no NeoGaf.

    * Please Note: Not actually Dennis Dyack, only a fairly close representation.

  5. Let’s see… things to do in Tokyo. Really, all that comes to mind is to hit that Heaven and Hell restaurant, possibly taking a picture of the singing and dancing urinal to show the 5 people who still aren’t familiar with it, then poke around used game stores hunting down whatever obscure import springs to mind. Maybe the original Umihara Kawase, it being topical enough that you can probably turn a profit off it on eBay if you ever get sick of doing crazy slingshots off moving platforms stretching the line.

  6. Theres a new exhibit from Studio Ghibli “Understanding the Secrets of Takahata/Miyazaki Animation” at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Koto-ku, eastern Tokyo.

    You have to pre-order tickets for a specific date and entry time, and you can only stay there 4 hours, but if you have time to kill and want something airconditioned, this is my pic for Tokyo at the moment.

    Really looking forward to going to this myself.

  7. You could always consider taking a temporary job cleaning a Girls’ Boarding House where all the girls will inevitably fall madly in love with you, and wacky, sexual hijinks will ensue until you inevitably fall for one that turns out to be your childhood sweetheart and a giant robot pilot.
    That’s what I’m going to do when I visit Japan.

  8. I’m pretty sure Bar Zeon in Akiba is air-conditioned. And usually full of smoke. And really stupidly expensive drinks. But it was fun anyway.

  9. You could try to attend the “It’s a Rumic World” exhibition ( that commemorates Takahashi’s 30 years in the industry.

    And I’d pay through the nose for the exclusive souvenirs from that :D

  10. that’s funny because i always figured the logo was a T & H combined as well as representing the main character from the opening logo sequence of silicon knights, the too human guy with his wings (?)

  11. Go out to the Shonan area and hang out at the beach. Hiratsuka should be having their Tanabata Matsuri out there, if they haven’t already.

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