Work in progress

Just so’s you know, I’ve been doing some work on the site subscription bonuses that will be going out next month. I’m thinking buttons to start with, because I have a button machine already (just so long as I can remember where I put it), and they’re pleasantly easy to make. Plus, it’s about time I made this particular button a reality. It’s been kicking around for two years now. That’s just silly.

I’m planning on a button three-pack to begin, with the other two designs to be determined. For the mailing after that, I’ll probably do a set of magnets. And after that? Maybe I’ll slap together a print zine version of my favorite GameSpite articles along with some bonus content. I dunno. I’m wild and out of control and there’s no predicting what I’ll do.

That’s right, Iceman. I am dangerous.

20 thoughts on “Work in progress

  1. Could these be a job perk, or I do I have to tell you keep my pay to get them?

    ‘Cause I’ll do it.

  2. Yours is the rare beta version. I bet you could sell that puppy on eBay for at least 25 cents.

  3. Wait, so what do I need to do to guarantee myself this loot? If I buy the monthly thing right now I will definitely get it or what? Oh man, I can’t remember all the details!

  4. Yay, magnets! I’ve kept the Toastyfrog Zine Retro Edition refrigerator magnet with me through 4 moves now, but it’s starting to fade to the point where it’s nearly just a white rectangle, so I could definitely use a new magnet.

  5. Yeah, do contributors have to pony up for one of these? I’d love one of those! Let us know.

  6. I’m just wondering, if I haven’t yet subscribed but I do now, will I be able to still get the subscription bonus button thing?

  7. “brandon (URL) – 29 07 08 – 16:37

    Wearing this around town will boast my style’s popularity and give me + 10 awesomeness!”

    I checked my inventory screen and it only listed a +5 bonus to awesomeness, but reduced water attacks by 50%. I guess these badges are like equipment in Disgaea, varying stats and all… :-P

  8. I think the fact that ToastyFrog sometimes wears clothes makes the times that he doesn’t all the creepier.

  9. something about your ego cashing checks you really shouldn’t be cashing… j/k that’s totally awesome!

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