The universe is so screwed

‘Cause Scott Pilgrim is gonna kick its butt next February. Well, actually, knowing the way these things go, the universe will probably kick his butt instead. Still, you gotta respect his moxie. The important thing, of course, is that the next book has been dated. (February, like I said before.) That is rad.

MEANWHILE: I wasn’t kidding about cutting off inquiries about contributing to the site. I appreciate the enthusiasm, but now I have 30 to wade through. That is a lot! I think it’s gonna have to wait until I get back from Tokyo. Three weeks of work-related travel is taking its toll on me. On a related note, the next issue of GameSpite is going to work a bit differently than previous ones as well — it was supposed to launch this weekend, but I’m still working on it. So it’s probably going to be completed in two or three plus-sized installments rather than the usual four.

Also, I’ve put more stuff on the auction block, including some rarities likes Judgement Silversword. Selling has been kind of liberating, actually. It’s nice to own less crap. My goal now is to reduce my total game collection to about 150 or so by the time this is all said and done. I’m really shocked by how many games I own; when you work with them for a living, they pile up faster than you can keep track of. But you know, I moved to San Francisco with all my essentials crammed into the trunk and back seat of a Nissan Sentra — an older Sentra, at that, from before they super-sized them — and I kind of miss that minimalism. I just have to take care not to get carried away…I keep finding myself thinking I should sell my TV and current-gen consoles, too. Which would be a bad idea, I think, if I intend to continue writing about games.

24 thoughts on “The universe is so screwed

  1. You could always make the choice to sell either your 360 or PS3 based on exclusive titles, thusly allowing fanboys to claim you love only the system you saved.

    But… that might just might be awful.

  2. I second the beauty of a minimalist home environment. It’s much harder to have a smaller, worthwhile pile of junk, than to just hoarde everything in hopes of ever needing (or wanting to play) anything.

    I just bought some new 2.0 computer speakers and am considering throwing all the crud on my junk into a box and just having the monitor, mouse, and speakers in my work area. How delightfully focused.

  3. Let’s make that “crud on my desk”, because the original post sounds horrifically incorrect.

    Junk in a box?

  4. Oh man, that is a lot of GBA goodness in those auctions. But I really don’t need to be adding to my DS backlog with 6-12 more games. Such a dilemma.

    Meanwhile, obligatory fist-pump for more Scott Pilgrim. Woo!

  5. At some point in our lives we all find that all that junk in our closets is just weighing us down.

  6. That is actually just the beginning of the GBA stuff. Admittedly probably the rarest and most valuable of it, but I have an entire banker’s box of complete-in-package GBA stuff to be sold off. And three towers of PS2 games. It’s kind of dumb, actually.

  7. Really? That’s my least favorite sequence in the entire series. It’s not bad or anything, it just doesn’t quite fit the tone of the comic.

  8. Oh man, I thought it was the perfect turn. By that point, you’ve accepted the fact that Scott met a rollerblading Amazon delivery girl who takes a subspace-highway shortcut through his dreams. Why not have a big musical number for the final battle?

  9. Your search for new contributors has reminded me that I really need to contribute to my own site. Thanks for the tip!

    If you have some time on the plane ride to Tokyo, I highly recommend playing Knight of Lodis once more. It’s good for long trips.

  10. I stay minimalist by being all-consumingly miserly about everything. My game collection could fit in a cereal box.

  11. February can’t get here fast enough!! Also, I’m cautiously optimistic about Edgar Wright doing the movie. Here’s to hoping!

  12. I tend to be a hypocritically materialistic bastard most of the time. I go through bouts of feeling free from that nonsense, like when I’ve just returned from traveling or something, but I always sink into my old ways after a month or two, and my surplus of useless shit grows and grows.

    I still buy CDs and keep them on a huge ass shelving unit, alphabetized. Isn’t that pathetic?

  13. Every single time I decide to rid myself of my collections and start anew, I end up totally regretting the decision and rebuying as much as I sold as possible. This was back when I lived with my mom in a house… Now I’m roommate #1 of a 4 person set up. I don’t know where all my crap would be if I hadn’t gotten rid of it. This included a nearly 100+ large collection of NES titles, and a 150+ various collection of SNES through PS2 generation of games. So never again. Until I like, have a kid or something and need the money.

  14. I did some serious house-cleaning on my game collection about a year ago when making a HUGE move and it was really liberating. It really made me face up to the fact that I was keeping a whole lot of stuff that I will never touch again, despite how “cool” I thought it was to own it. Nowadays, my game collection is pretty much limited to what I haven’t had a chance to play, plan to play again, or just things I’m holding onto so I can lend them to a friend when one of those “YOU HAVE GOT TO PLAY THIS” moments arrives.

  15. Oh sweet new Scott Pilgrim

    I actually got to meet Bryan Lee O’Malley at MoCCa back in June, gave him one of my minicomics. He was a pretty cool guy. :)

  16. Oops, I have a feeling I might have contributed to the “No more applications, plz!” part of this post.
    I just really hope Mr. O’Malley manages to finish off this series before the movie drops. Word on the street is that the movie is going to be theatrical retelling of the entire series, and it would really blow to see the ending in movie form first.

  17. Old Sentras are the best. You know, when they were still made in Japan (and not Mexico).

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