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This week sees a format change for Add to Queue. Now that Blu-ray has proven itself to be moderately viable and most major releases are arriving on dual formats, the Blu-ray appendix is being gently retired. Of course, the real news this week is a sequel to Tron. (I would link to the site’s old review of the movie from about eight or nine years ago, but it’s completely terrible and needs to die.)

New Game + | Weekly Game Releases
Man, I wish this is what Yoda looks like Soul Calibur IV. I might actually buy the game if it were! Instead, he’s a detailed little midget leaping at the embarrassingly gelatinous breasts of mostly-nude women. I can’t believe I was criticizing Ikki Tousen for pandering. Namco’s launch party tonight is at a bar called Fluid, presumably as a celebration of their mastery of fluid dynamics.

13 thoughts on “Some placeholder title or whatever, I dunno

  1. I did not know about Spectral Force 3 for the Three Siddy, so now I must purchase it! Curses, Atlus has somehow found my weak point!

  2. ah, rhona mitra in doomsday (which i haven’t seen yet). she was one of the early lara croft models.

  3. I’ve seen Dark City several times, but I don’t know if I’ve ever finished it, and if I have, I’ve forgotten.

    That somehow seems to make sense with that movie, though.

  4. “TR2N looks amazing.” Ow! The intense, unapologetic stupidity of that name hurts my brain and my soul.

  5. Given the game’s demographic, I can think of another reason the SC4 launch party would be held at a joint called Fluid.

  6. Sin, what Puzzle Quest announcements are you looking for? The expansion went up sometime last week, and Galatrix got pushed to the start of next year.

  7. You really must be tired or extremely busy, Parish. You are usually very good at spotting typos!

  8. Hrm… this is kinda a depressing showing on both fronts. Not that I have any disposable income, but I’ve got sympathy pains.

    Who am I kidding, though — Soul Calibur alone is probably enough for most folks. I’m just hoping that guy at Gamestop wasn’t pulling my leg about being able to get the other console’s exclusive character via DLC.

  9. woot! i can’t wait to make my own fighters. someone should setup a site with formulas for “famous” characters ;) like the old wwf games. also wish i had more money as i’d love to get spectral force 3… love my trpgs!

  10. oops! forgot to say that sony not releasing siren on blu-ray has forced me to import the asian version of the game on disc. thanks sony! it kind of stinks because while i’d like the game to do well here, i don’t like retail priced/large games as dlc… small, cheap games on the other hand… are okay.

  11. Namco has always been about gratuitous fanservice. Wonder Momo? The torture scenes in Rolling Thunder and Phelios? Anna Williams’ topless scenes in various Tekken games?

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