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I’ve received a lot of inquiries in recent weeks from people interested in contributing content to the site. And I think the regular crew is getting a little bit burnt out from my demanding schedules, so rather than wear them down I want to expand the pool a bit, if I may use horrible, incoherent mixed metaphors for a moment. So, are you interested in writing for GameSpite? Drop me a private message on the forums to let me know. I ask only three things of you:

  1. Include links to two sample articles so I can get a sense of your writing style;
  2. Commit to contributing at least one article every three months;
  3. Be a somewhat active participant on the site, either in blog comments or the forums.

That’s all! Writing for GameSpite is not a pathway to glory and riches, and it probably won’t make you a better person! But it is a chance for you to share your thoughts on games and stuff where a fair number of people can see them, and is there really any master so rewarding as the human ego? I say thee nay. Well, you can also hone your craft while receiving feedback and criticism from a small but active community of very opinionated nerds. I guess that’s worthwhile, too.

Edit: Wow, good grief. That’s already more than I can deal with. Thanks everyone! Now I’m going to try not to feel overwhelmed and sort out where to start.

24 thoughts on “Call for writers

  1. Are there any particular types of articles you are looking for, either in the samples or for the site specifically?

  2. Oh, right, legitimate question. JCDenton — I want people to write about what they want to write about. Reviews are fine, but I’m more interested in articles with a more personal or analytical slant.

  3. I was wondering how I could get into contributing a few days ago. Not right away, since I have some other stuff I want to finish, but maybe I’ll apply in a month or two.

  4. Wait, you’re *not* interested in analytical articles? Crap! And I just finished my latest article!

  5. I’d love to take part in this but, having neither any sample writing to link to nor any confidence in my writing skills or grammar, this comment amounts to me complaining.

  6. i have a few articles, but my login password has never worked. do you want me to just email em?

  7. And here I was thinking that I’d need to edit all personal or analytical slant out of my submissions. I was worried all day, and you should feel bad!

  8. Dammit, that many already? Now I regret the time spent at work. I suppose I’ll submit anyway, though it seems rather unlikely now. Ah well.

  9. Yipes! That was fast. Hope I didn’t miss some sort of “Oh mah gawd, I’m buried under a landslide of private messages” deadline.

  10. Wow, I’d love to write for this site(in such a critical manner), unfortunately I have a few writing favours/promises to fullfil and I’d want to improve my level of literacy before I contribute but I will definetly consider this opportunity down the track.

  11. I assume you need some kind of site programming experience? Submitted documents aren’t going to do the job, are they?

    I’m capable of being not entirely glib, I swear.

  12. You need to know Wiki code, which isn’t any harder to learn than basic HTML. That’s about it.

  13. Oh dang, looks like I missed the boat. And I was waiting for this too. Just as well, I guess. Haven’t been very active in the forums since the latest job switch (however, there’s another on the horizon that may change that. Make way, talking timers! I’ve got some catching up to do).

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