The kids are alright

And the kids to which I’m referring are specifically the ones who hang out around here and do… stuff. For instance, an E3-related limerick contest (vote now!). Oh, yes, and also these:

New Game + | Weekly Game Releases
This week is all about role-playing. And not in the private, keep-it-to-yourself kind of role-playing where you make your girlfriend dress like Tifa and you wear a chocobo costume, you horrible sick freak. I just mean the notable releases for tomorrow are RPGs. For DS! It’s the new PlayStation (or maybe PS2) when it comes to Japanese RPGs.

Add to Queue | Weekly DVD Releases
VsRobot has gone and done away with his pick of the week for his DVD column for a variety of reasons — for one, it doesn’t really fit the tone and theme of what he’s been writing. Secondly, and this is just a guess on my part, there’s the fact that some weeks just don’t see anything worth buying. Let go your need to judge and simply embrace the film medium, gentle reader.

8 thoughts on “The kids are alright

  1. Reportedly the first pack of Siren: Blood Curse episodes hit PSN this week as well.

    Seems these days that DLC is what is getting me the most excited. Next week is Pixeljunk Eden!!

  2. Uninspiring DLC? What are you talking about? I’ve always wanted a version of 1942 with both fun and the color blue removed.

  3. Limited continues means 1942 probably isn’t getting added to my virtual library. :P

  4. Elefunk came out this last week for PSN. Since it’s basically a civil engineering simulator, it sounds kind of fun in theory, but the demo didn’t do much for me.

    I’m with the folks looking forward to Eden instead. And maybe fl0wer whenever that comes out. (And of course MM9.)

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