Liebot, what is the saddest thing?

The saddest thing is watching Koji Igarashi on the E3 show floor, hovering around the Castlevania Judgment kiosk for half an hour, knowing that everyone hates it, knowing that he knows they hate it, then realizing that it’s not the game he really wanted to make anyway because his publisher won’t give him two dimes to rub together to develop the really awesome games he does want to create. I mean, jeez, that’s just freaking heartbreaking.

The second saddest thing is seeing the host of a retro-gaming podcast selling off his entire cherry-picked Super NES/Super Famicom collection to make ends meet. So please be sure to help bid it up to minimize everyone’s sorrow, won’t you?

Edit: OK, the saddest thing is that eBay discontinued the auction because modded consoles are off-limits. Never mind that the “modding” consisted of me filing down a pair of physical tabs. So, I guess it’s poverty for me after all. Dammit.

Edit edit: I’ve relisted it without the verboten word. Also new to this version is a Buy It Now, just in case.

46 thoughts on “Liebot, what is the saddest thing?

  1. But those pumpkins just look so happy! Which has the net effect of making The Saddest Thing even sadder.

  2. Geez, you are really selling this? If I was forced to sell my SNES collection I’d feel like I might as well not own any games or systems.

  3. The saddest thing is a retarded man who is crying and promising a broken egg that it will still be a chicken someday.

    And that they’ll play together in a field when it gets better.

  4. I thought Tomm yelled at us until we agreed to reserve judgment on the Castlevania fighter….??

  5. I’ve done my duty. Pretty rad bundle, but I guess my bid was really just to bump the price because this is gonna sell for way, way more than I can spend on games at the moment.

  6. I watched a lot of people playing Judgment, and no one had nice things to say. I’m hoping the demo wasn’t indicative of the final product, but…. A Konami rep tried talking me into playing it when I tried Ecclesia, but I politely refused, saying I’m skeptical about the game and would rather try it under better circumstances than a noisy show floor.

  7. No bidding for me, I was winning on your Saturn all the way until there was 20 seconds left then some bot or something out bid me :(
    Got my hopes up for nothing.

  8. Honestly, even if Konami gave him an MGS4-size budget, I see no indication that Iga has the talent to develop a “really awesome” Castlevania game. Has he produced a single game that’s made more than halfhearted attempts at having actual, interesting level design, as opposed to just generic rooms filled with enemies?

  9. Not going to lie….very long time reader/listener…first time poster. It is pain to see you sell your SNES. I almsot might bid, and then pay you to keep your setup.

  10. I’ll have you know I pushed your plushies up to 40 smackers before I got sniped by a store.

  11. Parish, seeing you sell that stuff made me pull out the box holding my collection and hug it. It bums me out even more that the auction ends four days before I could put in a real bid.

    I’m still in the mindset that Iga was forced into making Castlevania Judgment so he could make Ecclesia.

  12. So… what are you going to do once the money from the Ebay sales run out? Sell your soul? Time to ask for more money, me-thinks.

  13. Good luck with the sale. I’m currently hawking all of my systems and games in Talking Time. It’s a lamentable fact of my life, too, that the money I’m making, she ain’t cuttin’ it. School or games? hmm…

  14. Chiming in again. That screen looks like a mixture of Diablo 2 and Diablo 3: dank, gothic scenery; shining stars and smiling Jack’o’lanterns.


  15. Long time reader, first time poster here as well. Good luck with your sale; you must be in desperate times to consider selling this awesome collection. I only wish I could bid. Good god, this post makes me sad.

  16. No, you’re not dying. But if you’re anything like a lot of us, you are selling off what amounts to memories and artifacts of your own existence. It sucks and it makes us uneasy because, in an economy like this one, we could very easily be next.

    I feel sad for Iga too. I haven’t decided whether or not he’s actually a talented game designer or not, but I do believe he’s earnest.

  17. I don’t think Castlevania is big enough for a spin-off; my guess is that he really thought this would work. If it was MGS, yeah, Metal Gear Party 17 would make sense because the MGS series reliably sells millions, not hundreds of thousands, of copies.

    No, you’re not dying, but this is insane. If Nintendo was supporting VC a lot more (When was Earthbound announced? 3 months ago?), I’d understand. This seems to be your favorite system, one of your fondest memories and, barring a change, difficult to rebuild.

    Don’t you have anything else to sell? A Xenogears you bought in your more naive years? The N64, most of whose 1st party classics are out in various forms and you seem to dislike? Anything?

  18. I’ve been in this boat before. Ebay was like welfare to me back when times were financially rough. I’ve parted with many great games, I’d be lying though if I said I missed any of them, EXCEPT Earthbound…

  19. Bummer about the new Castlevania. It was probably stillborn as soon as it hit the drawing boards. Tragic.

    As for the games… you’ll find that you will probably fine the fewer precious things you own anyway. And there’s always emulation.

  20. I can’t speak for Mister Parish here, but when the wife and I went through some desperate financial times, I had to sell off my entire DVD collection, as well as the bulk of my SNES games. It hurt a little, yeah, (Earthbound, Chrono Trigger and my Kurosawa DVDs most of all), but in the end, it actually felt BETTER. Cleansing. They’re just things, you know? And I can always buy more things.

  21. I sure hope you’ve made… ummm… “backup copies” of those games somewhere… emulation may not be quite as good as holding a real SNES controller in your hand, but it just might keep you from sobbing into your pillow late one night when you get the urge to play Secret of Mana or Chrono Trigger, but then remember that you don’t have them anymore.

    Good luck with the sale, and I hope fortune smiles upon you soon!

  22. That’s too bad that you have to sell your stuff. My SNES collection is pretty vast, so I can’t justify bidding on your auction because so much of it would double up. There would be a few choice items that I would be interested if you were selling them individually, but that’s such a pain in the ass.

  23. What alexb said is basically how I see this as well. And I know that if I had a collection like this, it’d probably be the last to go. The games in this auction are fantastic, so that’s what makes me sad – that a fan of classic games like yourself has to sell off what amounts to probably his favorite collection.

  24. guys, it’s probably hard enough on him to sell this stuff without all you punks just heaping salt on the wounds.

  25. Even though I miss my older consoles and long-gone collection of decent Square RPGs, I also feel better for not keeping them around knowing I would never play them again. It feels good to rid oneself of unnecessary material goods from time to time. Live lightly, eh wot?? Sometimes you have to left your past go…that is until Square remakes or ports it to a newer console and/or handheld.

  26. At first I thought it was just another crappy 3-D Castlevania game but with what ScrambledGregs said I realized it was something completely worse – a crappy 3-D fighting game based on Castlevania (talk about a bad idea poorly executed).

  27. It’s not that big a deal, guys. The girlfriend will find work eventually, and photography pays well. At some point our roles will reverse and she will be my sugar daddy; the sell-off is just for the time being, so we can afford to get her the equipment she needs to get started on her career. (New camera, large-format printer, lighting rig, etc.) I’ll rebuild this collection once things settle down.

  28. First he goes and sells his retro collection, next will be his passion for 2D gaming & then our precious podcast. Don’t do it Parish, Retronauts ignited the fires of love for 2D sprites after years of polygon gaming.

  29. Jesus. I hope she’s looking for some sort of temp job in the meantime. It’s not really fair to dump everything on you…

  30. eBay pulled the listing because it’s retarded. I’ve reposted, minus “offending” content.

  31. Well shoot, I didn’t know modded consoles weren’t allowed. Guess that’s why my searches for a modded XBox 1 turned up nothing, huh?

    Also, why everything in one big bundle? Would you wind up losing too much for listings with say, 5 listings instead of 1?

  32. Because lugging lots of individual packages to the post office is a gigantic pain in the ass.

  33. You must really care for her to sell off so many wonderful memories. I would sooner sell my soul than my Super Nintendo, except it was already promised in exchange for a box of animal crackers.

  34. I still weep for Igarashi’s inability to acquire backing for a HD 2D (or 2.5D) Castlevania on a current console. I’ve said in the past that I would pay hundreds of dollars for such a thing, and that offer still stands… even if one person’s opinion is meaningless.

    Still, I do not think that the DS Castlevanias are selling poorly — Why is it that the bigwigs at Konami can’t see fit to give him the opportunity to keep making Castlevanias in the format where the series truly excels on modern consoles? The mind boggles.

  35. While HD would be great, I would be happy with a 480p 2d Castlevania. While widescreen would be nice, all we really need is 640 x 480 running at 60 frames a second with detailed high color sprite animation.

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