It’s E3, and I’m picking the show’s pitiful corpse of the few bits of meat that interest me, in the form of previews. Actually, the most interesting thing I’ve played so far is the one game I wasn’t assigned to — Valkyria Chronicles . I already loved its art style, but now that I’ve played the game I realize it’s the world’s most perfect combination of tactical strategy, third-person action, Nausicaa and unadulterated wonderfulness. Seriously, it’s good, and the presence of Skies of Arcadia ‘s Aika as a playable character pretty much sealed the deal. Meanwhile….

I had the occasion to play Chrono Trigger for DS. Then I wrote about it. (Spoiler alert: It’s Chrono Trigger.) And Mega Man 9 seems as good as I had hoped , but holy crap is it hard. I guess that’s good! If a bit humiliatin’.

16 thoughts on “Shillin’

  1. You know what’s humiliating? The fact that it’s been almost a full month since the last Retronauts. Just because something is free doesn’t mean I can’t complain about how much money I spent on getting nothing back.

  2. Brilliantly.

    You know what’s not brilliant, though? People who whine about Retronauts.

  3. Marc, don’t complain about retronauts: complaining about a free service (retronauts) makes the creators of the service (parish et al) more reluctant and enthusiastic to produce it for you because they perceive their audience (you) to be ungrateful dickwads.

  4. No vinegar, soy sauce or mayo!? SACRILEGE!

    Kidding, of course. Glad to hear they’re keeping Woolsey’s script in, albeit with a few touch-ups here and there. And Mitsuda too! Man, this is turning out to be a very Chrono Christmas.

  5. I just watched the E3 trailer of Valkyria Chronicles on my PS3. I’m happy to see some of the scenes (mostly those featuring what I assume to be the baddies) are a little more contrasty. I like the way the sketch-shading engine looks, but everything I had seen up to this point looked over-exposed. Now that I’ve seen some darker scenes, I’m even more psyched.

  6. I was kidding, kronsk. I totally get Parish and the gang are busy with E3 and any and all other coverage – I was joking about demanding something that we get free, anyway. Chillax.

  7. Valkyria Chronicles is the one PS3 game I have any interest in, mainly on the grounds that the dev team is the same one as Phantasy Star, Skies of Arcadia, and Panzer Dragoon Saga. Here’s hoping it ends up being ported to a system with a wider user base at some point.

  8. Even if they tweak the script I’m not expecting them to fix what I consider the worst part of the translation, the Masamune-to-Grand Lion switch. It’s become too iconic (and referenced in Chrono Cross) for them to change it back now.

  9. I’ve been psyched for Valkyria ever since I started downloading tons of trailers for it off of the Japanese PSN store many, many months ago. It’s so good to hear that the gameplay holds up to the visuals. Might well be my first day-one PS3 purchase, depending on whether it makes it out before Little Big Planet.

  10. Valkyria Chronicles is PS3 Exclusive right? I definitely want that game! But if it’s multi-platform… I want to wait… argh!

  11. I opened a Japanese PSN account just to access all the videos of Valkyria Chronicles early.

    Well worth it if you haven’t done so already. Several of the videos show gameplay, and in-game art style.

    I am afraid of getting too excited over VC, it’s hard to live up to the hype factor, but man…my very first PS3 day one purchase, I’m so excited.

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