Live from E3’s shambling corpse

Well, I’m at E3 and trying desperately to drum up content from this farce.

Comical anecdote: there’s a massive spike on my server load histogram right about noon — like, maxing out its resources to the absolute redline. I guess Final Fantasy XIII‘s Xbox 360 betrayal really did make the Internet melt down. It’s not just an empty catchphrase!

Edit: I posted an editorial masquerading as a news piece on this thing. Very exciting! Well, not really. It was a couple of Japanese guys hedging their responses and being interpreted by middle-aged Japanese ladies who have no idea what video games are.

9 thoughts on “Live from E3’s shambling corpse

  1. I only followed the 1up feed, but I can see what you mean – there wasn’t much game-related content to be seen at all.

    Love iNiS – but Lips didn’t look very appealing (premature opinion). And FFXIII is a good ‘get’ and all, but just leveling the playing field again it seems.

    Why do the fanciest graphics and schlockiest gizmos look like junk next to MM9? Really can’t wait to read that interview with Inafune.

  2. I’m so happy about that news. Hopefully some more Chrono Trigger DS info will come out of Square-Enix too.

    Take it easy at E3 (as best you can, of course) and don’t die out there! I give you game journalists so much credit for what you all go though at E3.

  3. Haven’t seen any signs of said meltdown just yet. But then I’m not in the mood to go through any super-sized forums just yet.

  4. Jeremy, do you know if Toriyama (Director of FFX, FFX-2 and Revenant Wings) is still directing XIII?

  5. I thought FFXIII was confirmed for the 360 months ago. Either I imagined it or your seer-like abilities are rubbing off on me.

  6. I remember FFXIII being rumoured for 360 months ago; but those died down quickly. I was surprised. Overall, it was a meh keynote. The Fallout, RE5, and Gears 2 previews were nice; but the Avatars and the Casual stuff just caused me to blank out. But anyways, Portal Still Alive is going to rock.

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