GameSpite Issue 8.4: More songs about monkeys and pirates

Monkey Island 2
And as the latest issue of GameSpite draws to its conclusion, I would like to be able to claim that the obvious theme for this issue was crafted deliberately. But the pirate-monkey motif is a complete coincidence and, I think, a testament to Ron Gilbert’s ability to tap into humanity’s collective conscious. We all think monkeys and pirates are awesome, and Monkey Island 2 proves they are.
Zack and Wiki: Search for Barbaros’ Treasure
As for Zack & Wiki, I suppose it’s probably the strongest candidate for “heir to the Monkey Island” crown we’ve yet seen, and this article was written for the sole purpose of shaming me into finally playing it. So. My copy is on the way, even though I really can’t afford such things at the moment. Curse Capcom for exploiting my weak points: Combining Monkey Island and Mega Man Legends.

7 thoughts on “GameSpite Issue 8.4: More songs about monkeys and pirates

  1. Great job on the entries; to me, Zack and Wiki was one of those games that loves to make you feel stupid as often as it makes you feel smart.

  2. I always found Monkey Island 2 to be mediocre. Lame puns, illogical puzzles and a anticlimatic ending. Seriously, who thought the whole checking out library books thing to be fun at all?

    Defintely agree with Erik Wolpaw take on the genre. Not good. Definitely not good.

  3. I don’t really see it, honestly. Most of the puzzles that I can remember had logical solutions so long as you were willing to get into the anything-goes spirit of the game. Then again, this is probably because I picked up the dog just to see what would happen, and my opinion probably would have been soured a little had I not had the dog in my inventory. The only one that still confuses me is the spitting contest puzzle.

  4. I never liked Monkey Island 2 as much as the original. The puzzles were much “harder” but in a more frustrating and less logical way. Also, no insult sword-fighting.

  5. Both were good write-ups. I was surprised to see that Monkey Island II was being called the best, because I had heard that it was considered a bit of a black sheep compared to 1 and 3. But there you go. Makes me miss the old LucasArts adventure games…

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