Rogue’s gallery

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“Rogue’s gallery!” Get it, see? Chocobo’s Dungeon is a roguelike. There’s some other stuff out this week, too, but it all kind of sucks. That’s the strategy they use, over in the games industry. They starve you before E3 so you’re hungry for good news and salivate at the most insignificant morsel of info. And as insignificant as this E3’s gonna be, they’ve had to starve us hard.
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See, and The Joker is the top dog in Batman’s rogues gallery. It’s a witty joke! Anyway, I guess this week’s selection is some kind of anime Batman or something — but weirdly, one that doesn’t appear to have been designed by Kia Asamiya. I bet he’s all depressed about that. Or not, I really don’t know. Or care! Anyway, read the column, it’ll put hair on yer chest.

7 thoughts on “Rogue’s gallery

  1. I’ve heard pretty decent things about the cartoon actually. I’ll have to remind myself to check it out sometime before the movie.

  2. I have ordered Gotham Knight on Blu-Ray, it comes out in Europe next week.
    It has got 6 different animated shorts, I await its arrival.

  3. Ah, need to bust out my War of the Monsters now. Damn, that game was fun.

    Also excited about Chocobo’s Dungeon. Getting into the roguelike is hopefully a step towards earning my Totally Hardcore Badge.

  4. I can only imagine that this flood of crappy Neo-Geo games on VC is so Nintendo can attempt to squeeze their last couple of bucks out of the poor fools who don’t realize that the SNK collection is coming out soon and they can get all those craps for substantially less than the ridiculous price of 9 bucks per Final Fight clone.

  5. Batmanimatrix, actually! Ho ho ho.
    I loved it, but I’m a complete Batman TAS fanboi.

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